Like men possessed by the not quite dead spirits of punk rock, the ghost of Sam Peckinpah and fueled by whiskey, revenge, death and despair Slackeye Slim bring us their sophomore effort. In my mind this album is everything it is supposed to be (if that makes sense). The opening spoken word piece sets the tone for the whole album and from there the journey is dirty and hard in the best sense possible. It has to be ugly, it has to be dark, and it has to be haunting because this, my friends, is a story of revenge!

While decidedly rough, as it should be, this should make its way in to your collection without much cajoling. Even if you don’t dig on the gritty feel of the album, and trust me it’s gritty enough to make you want to take a shower when you listen to it all the way through. You have to appreciate the storytelling that is the gift this album brings. I won’t spoil the story for you, you will have to listen to the whole album for yourself, because my words would only pale in comparison to the imaginings put forth on El Sanro Grial: La Pistola Piadosa. You should easily find yourself lost in the narrative and landscapes painted throughout this one. If you haven’t poured yourself some rotgut to wash the dirt out of your mouth by the time it’s over then you aren’t doing it right!

As far as concept albums goes it’s my personal favorite since Murder By Death gave us Bocca al Lupo. I won’t promise it’s your bag of tricks but this album is something different and something good. The main problem with concept albums is exactly what I have to deal with here. The songs, by their lonesomes, are good but put them where they are supposed to be with their siblings on the album and they becoming great. So while I am posting these tracks here they, by no means, should be taken as representative. You must get, and listen in its entirety to, El Sanro Grial: La Pistola Piadosa because if you don’t you’re just screwing yourself. This one is Essential Listening but with the caveat that it’s the album and not the tracks that own the designation.

Slackeye Slim – No One Knows My Name
Slackeye Slim – Vengeance Gonna Be My Name
Slackeye Slim – Judgement Day

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  1. Been listening to this since hearing them on Shooter Jennings’ Outlaw Country show. It’s just a fantastic album.

  2. It’s a brilliant album. I’ve loved TEXAS WHORE PLEASER and been looking forward to a follow-up for a long time. I had insanely high expectations – and they were more than met! Everybody get this album now.

    Good to see you here again, RomeoSidVicious!

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