Shooter Jennings – The Wolf

I do not like to do this. It goes against the reasons I do ninebullets to begin with, and for a while I was just gonna let The Wolf pass without comment. Then I got to thinking about it. I have jocked Shooter’s music on here before, and in real life when an artist I like stumbles, I talk about it. So, with that said…

WTF happened here?

The Wolf, IMO, is horrible. Do not waste a penny on it prior to taking a ‘test listen’ in some manner. I knew going into this release that Leroy Powell had left the band, and he was responsible for penning some of my favorite tracks off the previous albums. Perhaps it was him being out of the mix, or perhaps it was just a stumble. I don’t know, but The Wolf is a terribly disappointing cd for me. It’s like everything that was wrong with Busted in Baylor….over and over and over. I don’t wanna harp on it. I just wanted to mention that the cd fell way short of my hopes and if you were really excited about it, you may wanna manage a listen before plopping down any cash on it.

Shooter Jennings – Walk of Life (Dire Straits cover)
Shooter Jennings – The Wolf
Shooter Jennings – This Ol Wheel

Shooter Jennings’ Official Site, Shooter on MySpace, Buy The Wolf

All that said. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and hope he bounces back with his next cd. The show I saw earlier this year was wonderful as well and I’ll be attending the next Tampa/St. Pete show he plays.

Two tracks from Shooters previous album, Electric Rodeo:

Shooter Jennings – Hair of the Dog
Shooter Jennings – Electric Rodeo

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  1. Your fucking crazy man. Have you actually listened to this album? Sometimes you have to listen to a song several times before you understand it. To me, this album mixes different sounds very smoothly and these guys have the balls to experiment with sound, without comprimising their roots. Im not sure why you didnt like it and its the first negative review ive read and ive read quite a few. To anybody who is interested in Shooter & the 357’s, this album is great. Im looking forward to seeing what they do live. Rico in Chico, Ca. PS..Shooter, come play in Nor. Ca. like Chico man, that would be great!!!

  2. at first i thought you were just stupid for saying this album wasn’t good, then i realized that for you to see the “tampa/st pete” show you must not only be a cocksucker but also from Florida (redundant i know, but i thought you might be too busy taking a throat full of man chowder to realize that i was insulting you… in case you missed it, you suck) how can you praise other shooter albums and not this one. there is no real significant change other than the fact that he is using more guest artists and performing a more prominent cover song. the songs are well written and in my opinion (which is obviously better than yours) this is shooter’s best album yet. also I’d like to point out that for you to give this cd a bad review proves that you are a worthless piece of shit…I’m sure you already know this though, so why haven’t you gone ahead and done everyone (especially your family and friends) a favor by killing yourself in as painful a way as is possible for your insignificant mind to comprehend.

  3. since you don’t like real music, I heard there’s a Macy Grey album out for you to moisten your stretched out, aching vagina over. If not that, then I guess I’ll recommend suicide again since it seems the only way for your faggotry to end.

  4. Will the wolf survive? Yes, he will. The bloodlines of the wolf are alive and well. After listening to Waylon for years, I wasnt sure if Shooter could toe the mark, but Shooter remains true to his style, with Waylons energy coming through it. Nothing but cool, the music lives on.

  5. Bovice, I see what you’re doing here. Just because Jordan got a free sticker doesn’t mean you get to call me a faggot and get one too.

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    i need something new from you.

  6. “if I stumble in Music,, they made the music, but you put the soul in the song”
    me…it wasnt pop lemon, boxcar willie Lawerence Welk growing up ministry, mr. bungle, chemical bros
    etc. In retrospect, it was the dark stuff, which draws off me now. Things have changed quite a lot, yes, sometimes in circles, but things have changed no doubht. . In chico, end college , this place was off the hook in the eighties&nineties, but the cops ruined that,goverment
    “Were on autopilot, just drifting through our lives, somwhere between ragged and right”

  7. Wow, I guess it is true that when you take someone’s rose colored glasses off they can’t deal with reality …. so sad.

    But i would like to point out that jordan answered his own question about why Shooter’s album its as good as his others (here this will help)…

    “how can you praise other shooter albums and not this one. there is no real significant change other than the fact that he is using more guest artists and performing a more prominent cover song”

    Thats exactly the reason I am *blah* on this one. There is very little Shooter and what there is, is reruns.

  8. Reality? Your reality Dicklick? Sorry, but I create my own reality by not changing things, just creating new things.

  9. Reality….The big and Rob show on mtv(2), just cant help to laugh at the big man. Im sitting here, just puffed on a green queen, so my world is in color, blue and green. I wouldnt have it any better if i wasnt thinking about ” hell raisin baking in the sun in the 70’s on prop dope with the HA” slant slogan arched back razor bent freedom shot.
    Peace Frog

  10. Hey, if you like Leroy, you should LOVE The Wolf. He wrote
    “Slow Train,” and his guitar, harp, and steel are all over
    the album. It was finished before he left the .357s for a
    solo career. I SURELY love this album. It gets better with each
    listen. I don’t see it as “Shooter reruns.” It’s fresh,
    creative, musically diverse, and inventive. Give it another
    listen before you toss it on the bone pile.

  11. I swear, you have a little fun with words, being creative, and nobody except some piece of shit thATS been programmed for so fucking long he doesent even know he’s a droid…those are the worst…at least a cop shows his true colors, but you mother fuckers with bullshit opinions, most of you dont have a clue what good music is. As far as Shooter, like I said, I was suprised by some of their work but in all actuality, he’s not his dad, not even close. I still give him a bunch of credit for being CREATIVE with what he does, mixes horns with slide guitar, some of the songs on the wolf are very good, tastefully done. As far as talent, Waylon had a voice that stood alone, like Johnny Cash. Their voices were signatures. So ive said more than I ever thought i’d say for the benefit of this random website and yet I dont even get simple feedback let alone a t-shirt. So if there is a God, he wouldnt give a shit about what im gonna say…the devil went to Georgia to fuck a southren pecan, the davil wanted to be a company man so he got a job with the utility co. So what im trying to say is, fuck all you
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  12. Lucky you…I just got a new FSU tshirt that I am entirely too fat for. I was gonna send it back for a larger size but let’s be real…I am way too fucking lazy for that. Email me your address and you’ll be the recipient of a fine brand new FSU tshirt.

  13. Come on guy, seriously didnt like this album, but liked Eletric rodeo? put the O back was great, eletric rodeo was okay, but this one is his best work yet, This old wheel, tangled up roses, slow train, higher, all great songs, and that just the ones I have been focused on at this point, just got it two days ago!

    Do you like other modren bubble gum country? that may explain why you didnt like this CD, I have never been on this site before, so I dont know your trends, but would you prefer rascal fags, timmy boy, or any of that junk?

    Do you like Hank III?

    I respect your right to voice your opinion, (since this is your site!) but if this isnt your type of music, just leave it alone, I imagine you do like this type of music if you liked his other stuff, so maybe just need to listen to it again, maybe you expect it to be GREAT, and it let you down, is that possible?

    did you all get what he meant by “put the O back in Country” —-take the O out, and you get Cuntry music, “C**T” = Pussy music!

    enjoy, if any of you guys like this type of music and dont listen to Hank III, check him out!

    Have fun all!

  14. i am looking for a picture of the wolf on Shooter Jennings CD…..just the pic from the cd. i wanna get a tatto of that pic, i already have a tattoo of the horse from Electric Rodeo
    thanks if you can help me

  15. Im back….truth is, its monday morning here in cali and im unemployed. I smoke pot, take pills, and wonder whats wrong with the world. “Im a biological product of a cosmological universe, I constructed you, fuck you”. Raliegh the mental patient on Sublimes robbin the hood cd. Check that out, its fucking hilarious…if you have a twisted sense of humor,,like me. Hey, anyway, Shooter is great and I would love to see them play live, whats the touring schedule, anyone know?

  16. Excellent site. Much like you, I was not initially into The Wolf at all, but as time wears on, it is growing on me. It took me quite a few listens, but after the 6th or 7th, a different song would strike me as being a, “hmmm, this is pretty fucking good afterall, I guess,” song. Additionally, as the second half of the album is better than the first, I suggest programming it into your CD player, iPod, whatever, backwards and listen a couple of times. That might change your perspective/opinion. I could definately do without the Oak Ridge Boys, though. WTF?

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    Willy paer out, , waylon.


  18. Whats my problem? Jeez, I used to film crazies in San Francisco, now its rubbing off on me. I think my art has taken on a life of itself, i firmly believe art proceeds reality. Walt Disney, major programmer, can anyone argue that? On a different note,
    dont you lov blog websites where only one person can ramble, its like reading someones fucking journal.. or somthing, basically nothing. Its funny, I dont drink, but I think Tom Waits is fucking great. Who sings that song,
    “the jehova witness stripper”, I think it starts with her first name…or somthing. Anyway, I know this is about the 357’s and I agree with dcb, the wolf brings you in after some listenin’. You guys know who Jah is? Rastafarian God, Right? Well, im a 215 med marijuana particiant but Jah
    isnt over my bed, you dig? Shooter, I would like to meet you man, let me know if thats possible, Rico

  19. I’m confused….Leroy Powell is on The Wolf CD. He’s a player and wrote some songs, including “Slow Train.” So I don’t understand your allusion to Leroy Powell leaving the band, when he’s clearly on the CD. It’s a good CD, by the way.

  20. Well. I was under the impression that that wasn’t the case. However, if it is I must revise my opinion to say that both of them disappointed me terribly with The Wolf and maybe their well as a collective had run dry….thus, separating was a good thing.

    I’ve given this cd numerous chances since making this post and…IMO, No it’s not a very good cd at all.

  21. Yo, if you can’t write even three words inna row without swearing [poster babies, dis is y’all] nothin you say is worth it.

  22. I own all the albums, and many bootlegs, Have seen Shooter and the 357’s 6 times live. I have driven up to 6 hours to see a live show. I love what they do!
    That said. I am not a fan at all of this album. I think the other two are far better. These sound more like the crap they play on the radio, which is something they never did before. Just saw them live a couple weeks ago and the show is still great so my hopes are that the next album will be better.

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