SHIT! Things are starting to get stupid busy for the Tampa/St. Pete crowd…

I was doing some calendar updating and realized I just need to quit my job…so many good shows coming and I wanna make them all so I need money…thus I need a job, but getting up at 7 am makes getting to all of these shows difficult.

Oh well. I’ll just have to suffer or get with the Lohan coke plan or something. The following shows I am already starting to rub one out to:

Who: Bryan Lee
Where: Ringside CafeĀ’
When: Tuesday, October 9
Why: I have been loving the live cds I have. Actually getting to see him up in suck a small venue basically guarantees an awesome time.
Sample: Bryan Lee – Gave you What You Wanted

Who: Nashville Pussy, Hank III
Where: Jannus Landing
When: November 2
Why: I have always wanted to see Nashville Pussy and yet I’ve always managed to miss them each time through town. Then III, who is always awesome…outside of the State Theater….now it should sound awesome as well.
Sample: Hank III – Country Heroes

Who: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Where: Jannus Landing
When: November 3
Why: Last time Black Rebel came through town I went…got ridiculously drunk prior to the show…like, hold on to the wall for stability drunk and then proceeded to watch an awesome show. I was so bummed cause I knew I was so drunk the details would be gone in the morning. Hopefully this time I won’t get so cozy with the brown bottle before the show.
Sample: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Six Barrel Shotgun

Who: Radio Moscow and Nervous Turkey
Where: New World
When: November 17
Why: I still have a little afterglow from the last time I saw Radio Moscow…and Nervous Turkey is my favorite local band. ‘Nuff said.
Sample: Radio Moscow – Mistreating Queen

Who: Legendary ShackShakers
Where: The Orpheum
When: November 18
Why: You have not lived a full life until you see LSS live. Period. I get excited everytime these guys come to town….Always fresh, always entertaining.
Sample: Legendary ShackShakers – Old Spur Line

I hope to see some of y’all out at a few of these. We can tell lies over a whiskey drink or five.

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  1. I have one song by LSS that I got on a compoliation disk a while back. I liked it alot. How bout reposting the ons you had up originally.

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