The Finding Time

I wasn’t sure what to expect the first time I listened to The Finding Time ,even after having talked to Shane about his solo stuff at a show a while back, but I am sure that whatever expectations I had they were exceeded. I didn’t even know what to think after my first couple of listens. Now don’t get me wrong, I liked this record from my first listen but I had no clue why I liked it as much as I did and still do. It finally dawned on me the other day: this may be the most honest album I’ve heard this year. Sure it’s simple in its presentation of the 11 acoustic tracks and raw vocals but that’s were it shines. You take the guitar, add in Shane’s lyrics with unprocessed vocals and you end up with a river of unapologetic honesty and emotion flowing out of the speakers.

I spoke with Shane about his solo work way back when Two Cow Garage played Houston and he said that his stuff was pretty dark and this album proves him right. There isn’t a lot of redemption going on here. This seems to me to be the work of a man who has realized that the world is fucked and isn’t sure there is a way to fix it but, like it or not, we have keep going. It’s not pure doom and gloom but it seems more realistic than a lot of what’s coming out the days and maybe I am overstating the dark side of things but I don’t think I am. Even the more hopeful “Hallelujah” isn’t all that hopeful:

Well did you call to say we should go on forever
Well did you call to say it’s gone on for too long
But I can feel the time stop when we’re together
And I can feel that moment rushin’ like a song

And I say Hallelujah
I’ll try to recognize that moment before it’s gone

In closing, this is quite a gem of an album. Shane really shows his skill set goes beyond rockin’ the bass (which he does a fucking amazing job of) and belting our rock ‘n’ roll (which he also knocks out of the park). He really makes this toned down acoustic venture his own and pours his all in to it. It shows in every listen, every track. The Finding Time isn’t TCG-light, which I admittedly was afraid it would be, but instead is a Shane Sweeney album and while I love his work with TCG I actually think my favorite Sweeney tracks are off of this one and not his body of TCG work. Oh and lest I forget to mention it: this is ESSENTIAL LISTENING.

Shane Sweeney – Legion
Shane Sweeney – The Owl
Shane Sweeney – Hallelujah

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  1. His voice and his themes are so heavy, even when he tries to ease things up it doesn’t always happen. When I saw him play solo a couple of months ago he played a song and after commented that nobody laughed or something like that. The thing was everyone was in it with him it was hard to realize he had his tongue a bit in his cheek. good record/good write up.

  2. I love this album. Not like, but love. This is certainly the album that I’ve listened to the most this year. ‘Legion’ should have been the theme song for the Occupy movement. It is amazing how timely and apt that song is given current events.

    The Essential Music list is getting too long Throw this one on the Super Essential list.

  3. This album blows When the Stage Lights Go Dim out of the water, Jaws-like. Not that it’s a contest. Like another commenter said, Shane and Micah are complementary songwriters. Heavy indeed, there aren’t a lot of records that can carry this much weight. Branden Barnett of Ghost Shirt produced, just let it all sit on Shane’s voice like he should have. Love the inclusion of the Motel Blues cover. Love the Honky Chateau rip-off cover art.

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