Shana Cleveland & The Sandcastles – Oh Man, Cover the Ground – 2015


Shana Cleveland is an illustrator, short story writer, and musician based in Seattle. Her most active project is La Luz, a surfy, harmony-centric band. This band, The Sandcastles, despite its beachy name consistent with her previous work, represents a woodsier, forrestral growth in Cleveland’s music. The album’s highlights capture brilliant streaks of somber, sharp, acoustic light. Harmonies, heavy strings (heavy-sounding, not omnipresent), and a prickly rhythm help songs like “Holy Rollers,” “Itching Around,” and even the instrumental “Death Riff” thrive through the night. Other songs go mellow, try to live without as definite a rhythm, but, for me, the Sandcastles do ramblin’ better than they do languishin’. Some songs never wake up. Most of the album shines, though, especially its guitars. It groups well with works by William Tyler and Chris Weisman.

Holy Rollers
Itching Around

mp3, LP, and CD from the Suicide Squeeze Records store. Cheaper mp3 from Suicide Squeeze’s bandcamp. Cassette from Hairdo Records.

Author: Mike Ostrov

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