Last week I wrote about Merle Haggard and how appropriate the title I Am What I Am was. Well, this week we’re writing about a new Seasick Steve album and it may be even more appropriately titled with Man From Another Time. Seasick Steve was born in 1941, learned to play guitar at the age of 8 and left home for the life of a hobo at the age of 13. He has worked as a carnie, a cowboy and a migrant worker over the years. Looking more like the beach bum you’d see playing covers at the local beach bar than a multi-platinum selling artist, Seasick Steve is about as real as they come. With this, his fifth album, Steve sticks to the the same formula that’s worked so well over the years; rolling grooves, blues riffs played with slides and cigar box guitars, and a voice rich from 60 years of life on the street.

In the title track, Seasick asks, “Don’t you got nothing better to do than to listen to a man from another time?” For this particular blogger the answer is simply, “No.” You could make the argument that Seasick Steve is the grandfatherly version of Tim Barry, but there is no denying that he’s Essential Listening.

Seasick Steve – Man From Another Time
Seasick Steve – Never Go West
Seasick Steve – Big Green And Yeller

Seasick Steve’s Official Site, Seasick Steve on myspace, Buy Man From Another Time


  1. I LOVED Dog House Music, but I Started Out… , while obviously not bad, was a bit of a let down for me. I hope I’ll like the new album (isn’t it the 4th?) a bit better!
    I really want to see him live, though. I had tickets for a tiny show of his at a bar a year ago, but it got cancelled for no reason or explanation on his part. And yeah, I’m still holding a bit of a grudge…

  2. wow. admittedly, i have never heard of seasick steve before, but i am pretty sure will whitmore has. this is the real deal and i love it. thank you for the post, brother!!

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