There are certain album releases that could act as national holidays here in land, and a new album from Scott H. Biram ranks at the top of that list.

As everyone who comes around here very often knows, Scott Biram can be as rough and tumble as they come, releasing albums that mix equal parts country and punk with some gospel and blues added to round off the edges. With Something’s Wrong / Lost Forever, his third album on Bloodshot Records, Scott decided to show us his more tender side. The album opens with organs and the familiar sounds of a Gibson and Scott singing through a CB microphone on “Time Flies”, before shifting into what is easily one of my favorite songs Scott has ever written, “Sinkin’ Down”. From there the album unfolds like a love letter to the one that got away but it’s not all tears in your beer. There’s the god damn the torpedoes rant of our current culture in “Judgement Day”, as well as the full band jump rock track “I Feel So Good” which features another fave, The Black Diamond Heavies.

Something’s Wrong / Lost Forever is also the first album recorded completely by Scott in his own home studio. One of the things he did was leave some of the mistakes in the final mixes, which I think that really adds a lot of character to an already almost perfect cd.

I know there is a certain amount of danger writing about one of your favorite acts. It would be really easy to sound like your just gushing to sell an act, but the simple truth is that listening to Something’s Wrong / Lost Forever makes me smile. I can’t help but to be happy when it’s playing. For me, it’s not just Essential Listening, it’s gonna be a top 5 of 2009.

Scott H. Biram – Sinkin’ Down
Scott H. Biram – Judgement Day
Scott H. Biram – Hard Time

Scott H. Biram’s Official Site, Scott H. Biram on myspace, Buy Something’s Wrong / Lost Forever


  1. What i’ve heard of the record is great and I can’t wait to see him in August.

  2. The CD is only $12.50 from Bloodshot Records. I personally bought the (limited edition) LP for only $12.75. I feel like that’s a good deal.

  3. especially useful album for the i-75 trip from tampa up to ocala to visit the retired parental units in ocala who have more friends with slurred speech from stokes than from highballs

  4. It’s a motherfucker of an album, and I think it’s his best yet. Absolutely amazing, brilliant songwriting, on all grounds, be it raw or a bit more laid back. Definitely a highlight of the year.
    I also bought the LP directly from Bloodshot Records and also think it’s a good deal (free mp3 download, poster, tattoo and very fair s&h to Europe).

  5. He plays tonight in Vancouver. He should be on stage soon, but I’m just eating my sandwhich and drinking my micro brew than it is on the bus to show.

    Be good to see him again, saw him last time with Bob Log III.

    Great show…

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