When we have expectations, and we all do, we sort of expect to be let down eventually. When you have an artist like Scott Hiram Biram, a 9B favorite, those expectations can be pretty high. Every album has a chance to disappoint. When you have written as many words about an artist as we have about guys like this you know that if they don’t live up to their past work you can’t pull any punches. We have seen it here on 9B with other bands that I won’t mention here. I went in to this album, after snaking the review from AIV, knowing that if it wasn’t as good as Scott’s past work I would have to say so. However that is not the case. Bad Ingredients lives up to every white-trash/punk/blues/rock ‘n’ roll expectation any reasonable person could possibly have! It is great from start to finish.

This is album number number eight for the venerable Hiram Biram and he’s still proving that he is the real deal. Sure there are other one man bands out there. Sure there are some folks playing rebel and some others trying to wear outlaw colors. There is, however, only one Scott-motherfuckin’-Hiram-Biram. Right now, eight albums in, it certainly feels like the man can do no wrong. I might be guilty of placing him on a pedestal of sorts but at this point it’s more than earned. Bad Ingredients is, simply put, yet another piece of Essential Listening from SHB.

The writing on this album seems to be more mature than his other works but the music is just as gritty and sloppy and that’s what makes Scott such a perennial favorite here at 9B. It never ceases to amaze me what this boy can accomplish with nothing more than a guitar, a kickboard and a microphone. Not to be left out of the “OMFG so-and-so has horns on their album” meme Scott actually breaks from tradition and brings in a saxophone for one track so you can’t even say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. From clean picking to completely dirty with reverb tracks this album has just about anything anyone could want from Scott at this point. I am not going to bother with analyzing the tracks because they speak for themselves. Let’s just say your record collection isn’t complete without the darkness and grit that make up Bad Ingredients. My own personal recommendation is to consume this album with copious amounts of Old Crow and self loathing. You won’t regret it.

Scott H. Biram – Dontcha Lie To Me Baby
Scott H. Biram – Broke Ass
Scott H. Biram – Hang Your Head And Cry

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  1. I’m totally with you, RSV. His last album was my favorite of 2009, a year that saw many, many great releases. And it’s nothing short of amazing that Bad Ingredients can live up to that. It is a really great album and most probably my favorite album of the year again.

    For vinyl lovers: The LP is missing a couple of tracks (Have You Ever Loved A Woman? & Black Creek Risin’ – if I remember correctly) and a slightly different running order. But you’ll get all the songs via (free) digital download from Bloodshot. There’s also a 5-track EXTRA INGREDIENTS digital EP, mostly instrumentals and experimental stuff including his take on Amazing Grace which was already available as a digital bonus for the Hang Your Head & Cry 7″ (whose b-side Growing Old isn’t available anywhere else).

    SHB – it just doesn’t get any better.

  2. I’m a huge SHB fan but I am a bit disappointed in Bad Ingredients. For much of the album he seems to abandon country music for electric blues. Somehow the charm and fun of his previous releases is missing. I don’t think most of the songs are quite as strong as he’s written in the past. Even a less than stellar SHB album is better than 95% of the crap that is out there, but Bad Ingredients isn’t quite up to the high standards set by prior SHB albums. Having said that? I’d still go see him live in a heartbeat and would still recommend this album to hardcore SHB fans, but if you are a new fan start with Somethings Wrong/Lost Forever or Graveyard Shift.

  3. I have to disagree. This isn’t a horrible album by any stretch of the imagination but it sounds like a phoned in effort to my ears. I was really looking forward to this too because I really loved Somethings Wrong/Lost Forever. Not to mention his previous strong efforts. Maybe he is getting burned out. I don’t expect him to make the same record over and over but this one just doesn’t do it for me.

    That said Mr. Biram is very talented and I will continue to support his music and will look forward to much great music from him in the future.

  4. after one listen, it never recieved another one. Fact is, this is a phoned in effort. like SxP said. Scott isnt a one man band, he is a one man bank account, there is a difference. Ever since “Dirty Old One Man Band” each and every album has decreased in believabilty. We hope to hear a better effort from him soon, but track record has proved different.

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