I know it. You know it. Every mediocre songwriter on this planet knows it: The magic powers of the best songwriters around are located in their beard.

I have tried for 40 years to grow a respectable beard. Currently without any luck. The owner of this fine website has done the same, currently with a lot more luck. In a few years he’ll be a singer/songwriter.

These days we can’t gather enough positive words around here to describe the recent music of people like John Moreland, David Mayfield and McDougall. And Otis Gibbs.

You know as well as I do that the world slowly becomes a better place with each new song Otis Gibbs writes and releases.

Now he has gathered enough songs to start recording a new album. He’s going to call it “Souvenirs Of A Misspent Youth” and he currently has a Kickstarter campaign running. He says he’s even willing to shave his beard to make it happen.

But please, people! Don’t let it happen! Don’t let him shave his magic powers away. Give him money! In return he’ll give you SONGS! The most powerful thing on this planet. He’ll even throw in a fishing trip, a talk on skype or even help you record one of your songs if you contribute enough.

So go ahead! Contribute whatever you’re able to! I need this album. You need this album. The world needs this album! The United Brotherhood Of Beared Singer/Songwriters (sisters certainly welcome)  needs this album.


  1. Interesting. About 4 years ago I contacted Otis seeking some insight about his ‘Blind Otis & The Lost Highway’ records. He told me they were long out of print and that some day he might re-record the best of those songs and call the record “Souvenirs Of A Misspent Youth”. I wonder if this will be the old songs in a new light or maybe Otis just really liked that album title. Time to check under the couch cushions for some spare kickstarter change.

  2. Yea thanks for the heads up, haven’t been to his site in a little bit…..have any of yall checked out his podcasts he’s been doing? They’re fucking awesome and he has interviewed a ton of my favorite musicians….highly recommended listening, the last one I listened to was Todd Snider and he was tripping his ass off…there’s also Adam Carroll, Ray Wylie, Hayes Carll, etc etc etc….

    If you have never listened to one, I implore you, to please just listen to ONE EPISODE….I think you’ll like it!

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