There’s an awful lot of hype going on about this one, at least in our little corner of the music scene and I can’t quite wrap my head around it. Don’t get me wrong this is a good album and I would have probably written it up regardless, had I found out about it on my own. While my first thought is that it’s right up my alley the more I listen the more I realize that it’s close but not quite. The pain on this one is raw, in fact, the whole album is an open wound without a bandage. Wolf said his first reaction was “(This is) An album for people who are okay with being carried out of Lucero shows“. That’s when it hit me, I both love and hate this album. I’ve been that guy, I’ve been through every single emotion on this album, I’ve lived through this break up and that’s why I love it. And that’s also why I hate it…

These are the emotions of a young man whose relationships are intense from start to finish and maybe even more so in the ending of them. I feel like this was written in the throes of the day after a …maybe-we-can-still-be-friends conversation, a bottle of cheap ass whiskey on the floor beside the bed, and a Moleskine with line after line being scribbled in anger. This is a young man’s album in that it doesn’t have a lot of introspection. The focus is mainly on the immediate and intense emotions and it really does a good job of convulsing between the depression and anger at the end of a tightly held relationship.

Lyrically this album doesn’t portray a lot of depth but I don’t think it’s supposed to. The focus is, as I have noted, on immediacy and that comes through in every song. In that aspect it’s genius but in the grand scheme of things this is break-up album from start to finish and will likely serve that purpose for many people. I also think that limits its spot in most rotations to a couple of songs here and there. That said, I know I’ve had nights where this record, an ex’s leftover clothes, a bottle of lighter fluid, and some Old Crow would have been most welcome.

I can say if you’ve recently broken up with someone or have some wounds that haven’t quite healed yet, if you’re the type that likes dredging up old ex’s whilst alone with a bottle of whiskey, doesn’t mind being carried out of Lucero shows, or if you’ve ever thought Dashboard Confessional wasn’t quite depressing and angry enough then you need to pick this one up. I think a lot of people will like this record and I’ll add a couple of songs from it to my daily playlist but I don’t think all of you will like it because there’s a very specific sort of enjoyment to be had here and I have it on good authority that not everyone revels in that.

Another Way To Let You Go
Bloody Faces
Memories From The Past

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10 thoughts on “SAD AND FRENCH – SELF TITLED”

  1. I actually completely agree with you. I went back and listened to this one afew times and I like it but it just doesn’t resonate in the right way.

  2. What the heck? I wrote a comment! Did I post it somewhere by accident?

    Anyway, I’m glad Sad and French is getting attention here! I first saw them open for Micah about two weeks after my first breakup. I was basically catatonic. I totally agree with your review, though. It doesn’t cut me as deeply now that I’m two years further on.

  3. One of the things that has always attracted me to his genre of music is all of the sad and despondent songs. Those are emotions that we can all relate to at some point in our lives, and that is one of the things that make the songs so affecting.

    Admittedly, I was not familiar this band before reading about it here, and I have only given it a precursory listen, but it rubs me the wrong way a little that most of the songs are written with the female being the “villain.” Break ups are usually the result of problems on both sides of the relationship. I suppose it may not always feel that way when you are on the losing side.

    I do need to give the album a more careful listen before making judgment about it, though.

    1. No, you’re right, it paints the ex as the villain but at the same time he obviously wants her back. This is pretty much a day after album, maybe the week after. It’s written in moment of each emotion you have after someone walks out. I think, in that moment after the breakup becomes real, that we all paint the person that left as the villain in our minds. It takes time to realize that you fucked up. I rarely see an album that’s written in that short time frame where you’re asking yourself “why do I bother breathing” and “why the fuck shouldn’t I stalk her” and this is one.

      1. I think I’m gonna title my first album “Why The Fuck Shouldn’t I Stalk Her?”

  4. So I got this album after seeing all the hype from friends on Social Media. I really wanted to like it but I guess I’m at a different spot in my life.
    After halfway thru the album all I can think is they should change their name to Sad Mumford. They seem to be fine musicians which is where this album shines but the lyrics are the same ole “She is evil cause she moved on with her life and doesn’t need my whiny ass anymore”

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