As you know, Ryan Adams writes a bunch of songs and makes a bunch of records. He is not a new name or face but with each new record he makes I find myself wondering if this is going to be one I like or one I’d rather forget about. Money is money and as a man with little of it, these are questions that must be addressed.

For comparisons and references sake I’ll say that Ashes And Fire is the closest cousin to the Heartbreaker album.  The songs on Ashes And Fire are simple and soulful.  But what’s not here is the ragged and casual edge that imminated from Heartbreaker, I remember reading about that record that Adams didn’t have grand plans for it and that he believed he was destined to make records for a few friends and fans.  David Rawlings produced Heartbreaker, Glyn Johns produced Ashes And Fire and it is Johns who makes the biggest stylistic choices here.  Johns continues the polish I heard on Easy Tiger, a record I’m not a fan of, partly because of a girl but mainly because of the polished clutter.  But the clutter is removed from Ashes And Fire.

What I’m saying is that Ashes And Fire is closer to Heartbreaker, a high water mark, than it is to Easy Tiger. But check out the songs for yourself.

Ryan Adams – Ashes & Fire
Ryan Adams – Chains Of Love

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