When AIV mentioned an afternoon thunderstorm drinking session in his recent review of Bethany Saint-Smith & The Black Oil Brothers it made want to pull out the emergency bourbon! It also made me remember I had a whiskey review I hadn’t done yet that needed to be taken care of forthwith. You see I had this particular whiskey some month’s back and while it hasn’t replaced my house whiskey it was a damn nice find that I purchased more than once.

Rowan’s Creek Bourbon is named for the creek that runs through the distillery, aged in charred oak barrels and bottled at 101 proof but those are just technical details. This is not a bourbon for lightweights. It has all the qualities I love in a good whiskey and then some. It starts off smooth and it burns on the way down like whiskey ought to do. It’s not a painful burn but just enough to let you know you drank something that wasn’t made for children. Over the course of a drink you’ll get hints of vanilla, a heavy oak, and some spice. Others have found peanuts in the flavor but I haven’t and really don’t see where they get it. Even with the burn the overall flavor is a mellow drink. Let me stress that this isn’t a mixing whiskey. If you want mix whiskey, as I am wont to do sometimes, then don’t buy Rowan’s Creek as it is just too good to sully with anything aside from a splash of water or a very small piece of ice. It is a over 100 proof so don’t let that creep on you because it can and will. It doesn’t go down like a 100 proof bourbon but more like an 80 proof and while that’s a great thing you can get a little more rowdy than you set out to if you ain’t careful. For me that’s never a bad thing but I like to give fair warning. In closing I can promise you that your money won’t be wasted on a bottle of Rowan’s Creek.