A couple of years back I told y’all about a band coming out of Portland called Moonshine Hangover. At the time, I was a little bummed to have only found out about the band after they’d decided to call it quits. Well, flash forward two years (insert Garth and Wayne sound effect here) and I get an email from former Moonshine Hangover guitarist Kris Stuart announcing his new band, Root Jack, and their new cd, In The Pines.

After a few exchanges via email I found out that while in Moonshine Hangover, Kris wrote the occasional song, but now with Root Jack he’s become the principal songwriter and it’s given him the confidence to write more personally. As we all know, the closer to the heart the song is born, the better it will be, and In The Pines is chock full of great songs.

In The Pines is pretty straightforward country rock instrumentally, while lyrically it would be best described as music for lumberjacks to drink to. Being from Florida, my logging knowledge only extends to what I’ve seen on The Discovery Channel, but with tracks like “30 Days” and “Pastor of the Pines”, you can tell that Kris’ knowledge goes a little deeper than that.

In closing, I gotta say that before I heard a single arrangement or listened to a single actual lyric, I knew I was gonna love this album, based simply on Kris’ voice. Dude can sing the fuck out of a song and is perfectly matched to this style of music.

While I was bummed to tell y’all about a good band whose time had passed, I am extremely pleased to introduce y’all to its cousin; their name is Root Jack and they’re Essential Listening.

Root Jack – 30 Days
Root Jack – Pastor of the Pines

Root Jack on myspace, Buy In The Pines

8 thoughts on “ROOT JACK – IN THE PINES”

  1. these dudes are awesome. go see a show and you’ll be even more stoked on them. very, very good live .

  2. These guys are true professionals! Kris, Chris, and Kevin are masters of their craft and absolutely amazing to see live! Git some!

  3. I think I’m a Root Jack fan now. Shades of The Boss in his voice, the slide/steel is well-played and the writing ain’t cookie cutter. I’m gonna pick up this album.

    Thanks Mr. AIV

    -Andy Brey

  4. Kris is a fantastic singer, writer and guitar player and he couldn’t have found a better pair of compatriots than Chris & Kevin. Root Jack is just badass and this is a great record. I’ve listened a few times now and I think this is Kris’ best work yet.

    Thanks for the continued kind words for MSH, too. We all appreciate it.

    Will Johnson

  5. WOW!!! i don’t even know how to express my gratitude for this band. They are absolutely incredible. This album in the pines is amazing. Cut after cut. That’s how i put it. You’re not going to skip one single song. You’ll want to hear every single song. So full of soul and each song holds its own and has its own style. Unbelievable. My personal favorite is pastor of the pines- super souldful. then all of the other songs make you want to move. I agree with everyone else and must say that once you see them live you are done, you are hooked for life, they have an incredible energy and you will absolutely love them and wonder why they are not famous!!!! not that that is the goal but they are that good, you’d think they are old school and have been doing this for 40years!!

  6. Just caught Root Jack last night, opening for Hillstomp at Olympia’s Eastside Club. I’d gone there to hear Hillstomp, but this old Native Oregonian really preferred Root Jack’s music, energy, and depth!

    I’ll see them next time they’re in town.

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