I first heard Roger Hoover and The Whiskeyhounds way back in 2007 when a chance crossing with their album Panic Blues left me completely hooked. At the time I said they were writing songs that “would have fit right into the Capricorn Records catalog perfectly,” while comparing Roger’s vocal stylings to Marshall Tucker’s David Gray. It seemed like Roger and ninebullets were set for a long musical romance.

The came The Magpies.

Man. I just couldn’t ever get down with The Magpies no matter how much I wanted to and, over time, 9b and Mr. Hoover had to break up. He’d met new people, changed and left his nerdy friends behind.

Kick rocks.

Roll credits? Hell no. The story almost never ends there, and it certainly doesn’t in this music blogger romcom. No. See, no matter how cool the new kids are, you can’t cover up your nerdy roots, and eventually Roger tired of his Magpie-clique and found himself wondering what his old friends were up to (in a really cliche dramatic montage) and in act 3 our singer splits from his Magpies, forms The Hurt and returns to his Whiskeyhounds roots.

Has he been gone too long? Will his old friends accept him back into the fold or has the damage been done? These are the plot humps the typical romcom covers in the last 10 minutes of the movie, so I’m not gonna over stress the points here. I admit, I missed Roger but I’m also a little nervous he’s just gonna bail on me the next time the cool crowd gives him bedroom eyes. So, yes, he’s accepted back but it’s no Can’t Buy Me Love ending. More like fading to black, I put my arm around him as we’re walking away from the camera. Full of hope, while staying properly ambiguous.

As for whether or not he can pull it off? You tell me:

Roger Hoover and The Hurt – Lay My Rituals Down
Roger Hoover and The Hurt – Eastern Standard Time
Roger Hoover and The Hurt – First Bullet

Roger Hoover and The Hurt’s Official Site, Roger Hoover and The Hurt on Facebook, Buy Lay My Rituals Down (name your price)