Rock Report: The Weary Boys

Weary Boys....weary and live.
The Weary Boys came to town Saturday night looking a little…well, weary. Seems the boys got down with bottles in both hands the night before and were feeling the effects well into the evening….As they were preparing to play you could see Mario take a deep breath and it was on. Once they started playing any ill effects they were feeling from the night before were put behind them and the show began. I drink too much to ever recall what gets played and when…it is my vice and I embrace it with vigor. They played Weary originals, Hank Williams covers, Charlie Daniels covers and even started openly taking requests. They were a little more rockified this time around with the bassist playing an electric bass for a significant amount of the show and the drummer even abandoning his brushes for actual drumsticks at times. It is a nice addition to the show…i wonder if it a nod to the direction they are heading in the future. The crowd was a typical Weary Boys crowd…dancing, drinking and singing the songs. All in all it was a good time had by all. Next time they come through town you should make a point to get out to the New World and enjoy these guys while you can still say you saw them when.

Opening the show was The Diviners and they ended their set with an absolutely awesome slowed down country version of The Ramones classic I wanna Be Sedated. I wish there was a recording of it I could share with you guys. Perhaps Will will get a recording of it and share it with us on their myspace site.
Will of The Diviners

3 thoughts on “Rock Report: The Weary Boys”

  1. next to you talk to the Boys, please beg them to come to DC. they are killing me here! and although DC usually sucks a big one, the dorks who populate this city did have enough sense to buy out the Hank III concert last month…there’s hope yet for the nation’s capitol.

  2. good review of a damn good show. kinda like copper rocket over here, new world lends itself perfectly to what the weary boys are doing.

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