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Rock Report: Seth Walker opening for Johnny Winter @ The State Theater, St. Petersburg

Due to the holidays this Rock Report is a little late, but I feel the need to mention it nonetheless. Waiting for the show to start, I was talking to some of the people there to see Johnny. By and large, most of the people there had never heard of Seth but were early arrivers and planned on watching him.

Seth took the stage solo (his band did not play with him on this evening) and proceeded to captivate and wow the crowd. I can see where the term “white Ray Charles” came from after seeing Seth in person. Hitting all the songs I wanted to hear from his
self-titled album I recently wrote about, and wowing me with a few I had not heard before, I left the show with the only disappointment being its brevity. Such is the life of an opening act I suppose. After Seth left the stage I bumped into a few of the fellas I was talking to prior to the show and they mirrored my enthusiasm for what we had just watched. I had intended to catch Seth later that week at New World Brewery, but my office Christmas party took more out of me than I had expected.

If Seth Walker comes to your neck of the woods I recommend you go see him.

Seth Walker - Two Feet Left To The Ceiling     

Seth Walker - Picture in a Frame     

Seth Walker - By The Water     

You can see the pictures I took here.

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