Rock Report: Radio Moscow @ New World Brewery (4/20)

When I initially wrote about Radio Moscow I said it could be an early contender for show of the year. Boy was I right. I don’t mean to toot my own horn but: WOOOWOOO! I hit the nail right on the head and I’m guessing that the 50 or so people who made it until the 1:15 am start would agree with me. I have no idea how many people at the show knew who Radio Moscow were, but I’m guessing that damned near every single one of them will be bringing a friend to the next show these kids play in Tampa.

You see bands described as primal all the time. Hell, I’ve used the term, but at the Radio Moscow show you could see it. People everywhere, goose-necking, feet-stomping, hands clapping, motherfuckers playing air guitar, one dude dancing, and this one fella was going all Joe Cocker and shit. It was awesome. All of this mind you, by a crowd that I’m gonna guess was largely unfamiliar with band. While trying to tell you people what the band was like, I kept coming back to the reaction of the crowd. They were infectious. The drummer seemed to be beating his kit into submission as much as playing it, and fucking singer/guitarist? Forget about it. They are a huge, loud guitar orgy just waiting for you to give them an ear. And Tampa did. In all the shows I’ve seen at New World I have never seen a band play an encore and Radio Moscow was not planning on playing one either but the crowd demanded it. I ain’t exaggerating either. The crowd seriously demanded it and the band couldn’t hide the smiles when they came out to play it. So, if you can imagine it, the bar is closed, the house lights are on, and none of the people present at the beginning of the show have left and furthermore, they are begging for more. And all of this from a band most had never heard of an hour before.

Radio Moscow made some fans in Tampa. I hope Tampa made some fans outta Radio Moscow.

If these kids come to your town don’t pass on it. Trust me, you’ll thank me the next day.

Radio Moscow – Mistreating Queen
Radio Moscow – Timebomb

Radio Moscow’s myspace site, Radio Moscow on Alive Records, Buy Radio Moscow’s debut cd
Sadly enough, I forgot to take the camera and therefore have no pictures for you.