This was supposed to by my week of rock and roll heaven. Ministry’s farewell tour one night followed by Clutch the next. Unfortunately, much like my first few efforts at the wild thang it ended up becoming a frustrating disappointment that left me wondering if the lost sleep was really even worth it. Let’s start with Ministry shall we…

Had this just been another Ministry tour coming through town I would have been a little disappointed in the show but I would have been over it by the time I could walk the 6 blocks home but it wasn’t. This was it. The C U LaTour. The big finale. To quote their own fucking press release: The show will consist of a 2 1/2 hour set featuring not only tracks from their 28 years, but also archival Ministry video footage. Featuring not only tracks from their 28 years…

My beef with the Ministry show wasn’t the show itself…matter a fact, if your knowledge of Ministry began with Psalm 69 then you probably loved the show. My beef is what was absent from the show. No Stigmata? Are you kidding me? Where the fuck was So What?

See, there’s my beef. Pure song selection. Hell, I wasn’t wanting Everyday is Halloween but Supernaut would have been nice. So, as Al and his merry band left the stage I looked to my friend and our eyes were both saying the same thing…Are you kidding me? The better not be it…but it, it was and I left feeling like I had been given a big fuck you from Al and Co.

Clutch was to be my saviour from the disappointment the night before. Wash off the disappointment. My brother shows up at the house and we prime up with a few whiskey drinks before walking up to the show. As we approach the show I’m noticing an abnormal amount of people walking away from the show. I didn’t think to much about it until I noticed a big hand written sign in front of the doors and another taped to the door which, and I’m paraphrasing here, read: Due to Neil having throat problems Clutch will be performing as The Bakerton Group. For those that don’t know, The Bakerton Group is the bluesy jam band Clutch side project. Decidedly not Clutch. The disappointment would not be cleansed tonight.

Since I had gotten a free ticket I went ahead and went in to at least see what The Bakerton Group was all about. I made it for 3 songs. I am not a jam band kinda guy and just could not get into it. I don’t blame Clutch at all…people get sick…but on this particular evening it was a massive bummer.

In an effort to shed all this nastiness I am posting a few of the songs I wish I would have heard of this intended week of rock and roll heaven:

Ministry – Stigmata
Ministry – So What
Ministry – Supernaut
Ministry – Jesus Built My Hotrod (Al could have sung it for the final tour)

Clutch – Cypress Grove
Clutch – Mob Goes Wild
Clutch – Regulator