Many things have changed since Jason last came through Tampa. People have finally quit linking Jason so tightly with DBT (something he never will and shouldn’t want to totally escape), the price of gas has increased by two dollars a gallon, I became a homeowner (the day before this show, so I was appropriately out celebrating), and Jason has gotten much more comfortable with being “the man” on stage. Last time through Jason seemed shy, timid and almost came off as the reluctant front man, so much so in fact that he even allowed fellow guitarist Browan Lollar to completely steal the show. Such was not the case this time. Jason was loose, he joked and communicated with the crowd, and while Browan was his completely awesome self, all eyes were on Jason this time around.

Playing to a much larger crowd than last time through, the band played a good mix of songs from Sirens, spiced with all the DBT familiars you expected, and a few covers to round out the set. The crowd favorites were obviously Jason’s old DBT tracks “Outfit” and “Never Gonna Change”. Last time walking in, I wanted to hear two songs, my very favorite Isbell song, “Goddamn Lonely Love”, and my favorite track from Sirens “Try” and he managed to get both in, so I went home drunk and happy. This time I just wanted a solid performance from the band…well, that and I really wanted to hear “Never Gonna Change”, since I was out in full party mode. I got both, so now Jason is two for two when it comes to me going home drunk and happy.

Jason Isbell – Try
Jason Isbell – Dress Blues

Jason w/DBT – Never Gonna Change
Jason w/DBT – Decoration Day

I have pictures from the show. I’ll post them tonight when I get home from work.


  1. Isbell is great! Awesome post – really, really awesome.

    You seem to have a pretty good knowledge of the current obscure, and I was wondering if you knew anything about these guys:

    I saw them recently in Philly. They were drunker than hell but making really interesting music. Making quite a buzz out there, but elusive as hell with press. I’m irreversibly converted, now. Think mid 90’s – Soft Bulletin, Will Oldham, And On and On and On, “A Pre Vampire Weekend” heaven.

    The main thing, though, is these are the guys who supposedly Howie Day had to get a restraining order on because they were harassing, prank calling, and heckling him like non-stop as a joke.

    So, basically, I’m in.

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