I don’t think I’ve missed a Cory Branan show in any town he’s played that I was within a hundred miles of since I met some years back in Fayetteville, AR. However I had never seen Drag The River until a few nights ago. I had seen Jon Snodgrass with Cory on their last tour but it was without Chad Price. I still haven’t seen the whole band and since my going to the Suburban Home Records 15th Anniversary Party fell through I won’t be seeing the whole band in just a few days and yes I am fucking bitter about it! I did, however, get to see something damn cool. Right before Cory took the stage to open for Jon and Chad, Jon suggested they play in the round, which apparently isn’t their normal style, and let me tell you it was pretty damn cool. Aside from Jon not playing “Back to God” (and I quote) “Why won’t you all request songs we remember how to play!” I got to hear everything I wanted to hear. I didn’t shoot this show on my wife’s camera so no bad ass shots like last time but I did buy a Flip and video some select songs. I learned a couple of things as well. Number one: The more I drink the worse off I am as a camera man and number two: AA batteries only last about thirty minutes in a Filp. Other than that I got a dozen songs on video not counting Cory and Jon’s little 9B exclusive at the end of the night while the staff was trying to make us all leave since the bar was nine kinds of closed.

Seeing all of these guys trade songs back and forth and accompany each other on favorites was an amazing experience. Songs that I’ve heard thousands of times took on a whole new aspect. It was hard not to sing along with every last one of the songs and I failed at some points so you can hear me on the video if you listen close enough and for that I apologize. Seeing Jon sing along with Cory was cool and finally seeing Chad do “This Cross” was nearly a religious experience. I drank, bought drinks, and sang along probably way too loud. It was one of the best nights I’ve ever had. If you missed The Budget Helicopter Tour then you missed one of the best tours of the year. I may not be able to make it to Denver this week but I got to see three of my favorite artists on stage exchanging songs and it was a damn good time. Since I don’t have any audio of this show and you all damn sure better know every song by these boys I am just going to post the videos. Since there are a ton of them you’ll have to click the link to see them all…

Nine Bullets Exclusive – Cory Branan w/Jon Snodgrass – Daddy Was a Skywriter

Chad Price – Hybrid Moments

Cory Branan w/Jon Snodgrass – The Walkaround

Drag The River – Me & Joe

Drag The River – Br00tal

Drag The River – Tomorrow Morning

Cory Branan – Wreck of the Sultana

There’s still more video but embedding that many would just be a a little insane so you can check out the rest here: My YouTube Site


  1. This three man set up was killer. I too am glad they decided to go with that format. It almost had the feeling that we had been invited to a private get together and the guys randomly decided “Hey, let’s play some songs”. They just had such a laid back, having a good time with some friends vibe it was ridiculous! These guys set the bar for show of the year in my book, and it seem everyone I see for the rest of 2010 are just fighting for second place.

  2. Hell yeah, I saw them in Colorado Springs a couple weeks back. I had not seen Drag the River since the early 2000s. Hung out & drank some beers with Chad. Such a great group of guys.

    Thanks for the vids…totally forgot my camera when I went to the show so good to see these!

  3. Thanks for sharing! Seems like it was a great night! I’ll probably see these guys next month on their European tour (along with Austin Lucas) and watching these videos I really hope I will make it.

  4. Good summary. I saw them in Austin at Red7 a night or two later, and your review captured the show well. I even hung out with Chad at the bar and bought him a drink. Apparently, the tickets provided by the club were only good for beer…

    Sidenote: Ben Nichols (Lucero) was in the house to see Cory Branan and hang out. One of his brothers that lives in Austin just had a baby, so Ben had come down. I also had a chance to say hi and chat with him. He did not get on stage or anything to our disappointment. Just chatted with folks. Super nice guy.

  5. Jon and Chad did something similar in Denver last year with Micah from Two Cow. It was a great setup for a acoustic show.

    Thanks for the videos.

  6. I’m so excited for their upcoming European tour with Austin Lucas, it seems like forever since I last saw them play and have yet to see Cory Branan. But I’m kinda heartbroken that I might not make it to one of the shows…such a killer line-up though 🙁

  7. I’ve also recently seen Built to Spill and Pavement…reliving the good times from years ago. Awesome stuff!

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