Rock of Love: The Reunion Edition

How do you spell disappointment? This week I spell it: Rock of Love Reunion. We had a brand new bottle of Johnny Walker Red and a bottle of Jack Daniels (liquor store was outta Beam), some Zingers and plenty of ice….we were ready! And then it began…

Are you serious? That was it? Heather and Lacey make up….Heather and Jes hug? Pfffttt…those ghetto bitches from Flavor of Love never ever disappointed like this. Shit, even Jes telling Brett to kiss off was done in as an unoffensive a manner as possible. BOOOO! Judging from the traffic spike I’ve seen, it seemed like the causal ROL viewer had no idea about Brandi M and Brandi C’s jaunts into the porn industry. Maybe those people found all of that interesting, but it was just old news for my household.

That’s it. I only wrote this in the interest in completing a task I had begun here, but I was seriously disappointed in the whole thing. Some good news is that Bret has already signed on to do a Rock of Love, Season 2, but until then this will spell the end of my television blogging on If you wanna read about some of the other shows I watch and recap, then head over to my myspace blog….I’ll be doing I Love New York 2 over there and writing pieces on the other shows I watch. Don’t worry, though, ROL2 will have a place on

BB King – The Thrill is Gone
Poison – The Last Song

See ya for season 2!

7 thoughts on “Rock of Love: The Reunion Edition”

  1. That’s truly disappointing. I’m glad I didn’t bother.

    Although they did have Riki Rachtman right? Was that not even amusing?

  2. I still can’t believe that moron got his NAME on her neck like an IDIOT!

    For some reason I didn’t realize he was banging some of these girls. I thought that they all understood this was a bullshit tv show.

  3. Re: Although they did have Riki Rachtman right? Was that not even amusing?

    Yes indeed, he was there. I lost track of how many times he referenced two girls making out (yawn) and was WAY too into Lacey for my taste.

    I agree re. the disappointment. It was so bland; and again — WAY too much of Lacey.

  4. I think Brandi M. pose says it all…Maybe that’s what Bret was thinking when it was all over

  5. i love bret michaels he is the nicest man you could ever meet and i love his personality and jes was so perfect for him because she cared about him more then any of those girls.lacey was a BITCH, she fricken never liked anybody i don’t even think that she liked bret but heather was really liking bret so jes and heather were both really good for but still a little bit more jes…

    thank you.. love you bret michaels

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