Well. Charm School season 2 features our favorite silicone enhanced trailer park queens from Rock of Love. Here’s the cast: Brandi C., Brandi M., Dallas, Destiney, Heather, Inna, Jessica K., Kristy Joe, Lacey, Megan, Rodeo, Angelique, Courtney and Raven.

Episode one was basically skanks meeting their fellow skanks and us (the viewer) being reintroduced to just who these hoes were. The highlight was Dallas busting an apple upside Lacey’s head. The casting was obviously to get all the people who hate one another under one roof and see what happens. By the previews it looks like a bomb is gonna go off.

So, the question is: Should I start doing recaps with Episode 2?


  1. Definitely!!! I can’t bare to watch, but curious what happens. I usually only see it when I get stuck watching it with Aimee. 🙂 Besides, I look forward to your entertaining commentary.

  2. Pretty please?

    Because apparently TWoP can get enough fake-boobed cock-sucking whorebags and won’t be doing the recaps as I had hoped. *pouts*

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