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Rock For People Who Don't Dig Rock

What happens when four cartoon characters over in Clearwater get together and form a band? Stone Marmot. Self described as “a not-so-serious band with some serious (and not-so-serious) messages.” Stone Marmot’s newest effort, Rock-For People Who Don’t Dig Rock, is the perfect relief from a shitty day at work. The bands one-sheet describes them as “a cross between Beatles pop, Ramones energy, and B-52’s quirkiness.” I would say, by nature of being more obtuse, that they are equal parts They Might Be Giants, Wierd Al, and puppy dog tails. This is the perfect cd for the parents of small kids out there. Catchy and upbeat enough to keep the kids smiling and bouncing, yet mature enough to keep you from chewing your tongue off. Check out the samples below and if you like what you hear, head on over to their website and grab a cd, cause you aren’t gonna see them live. Cause, you know, it’s hard for cartoon characters to get gigs.

Stone Marmot - Creep Repellent     

Stone Marmot - Na Na Baby Goodbye     

Stone Marmot - Toby The Wonder Cat     

Stone Marmot’s Official Site, Buy Stone Marmot’s cd

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  1. April 16, 2007    

    Stupore! Amo questo luogo!:)))))))

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