I know a lot of people slag on twitter. They think it’s a place for people to talk about their meal or about the fact that they’re taking a shit. A place for people to indulge in their narcissism. Personally, I feel like that’s a perfect description of Facebook. For my money, I’ve found Twitter to be infinitely more informative, thought provoking and useful than I’ve ever seen Facebook be. Now, before I turn this into a “my view on social media” diatribe, this all comes up because Ms. Robyn Ludwick is another in a long list of artists that probably never would have shown up here on 9B had it not been for me reading about them somewhere on Twitter. So sign up and follow me, and before this post becomes any more of a Twitter commercial let’s talk about her new album, Out Of These Blues.

I played this album for my wife over the weekend and she was, at best, lukewarm on it. “It’s a little too country for me. I need a little more rock in my twang” were her exact words. For me, I friggin’ love the album. It tickles that same spot that listening to Gillian Welch does, but she does it with a much more accessible sound. While Robyn is firmly planted in country vocally, musically the album has a lot of soul elements mixed in.

I almost feel like trying to talk about this album from any viewpoint other than personal taste is gonna be so far above my pay grade and writing education level I need not try, so I’ll just type from a personal point of view for a moment…..

I mentioned Gillian Welch on purpose in this article. A lot of people writing about this album are comparing it to Lucinda Williams. I like Lucinda well enough. I love her song (not album) Car Wheels On A Gravel Road, but the rest of her material, personally, I could take or leave. Gillian on the other hand, to me, has yet to do wrong. And, granted, this might be Ludwick’s first album, but it has 10 keepers on it, and as a result I’m gonna deem it Essential Listening. So check it out, and don’t let my wife’s comment freak you out too much. I mean, it’s country, but it ain’t Iris Dement country.

Robyn Ludwick – Hollywood
Robyn Ludwick – For You Baby
Robyn Ludwick – New Orleans

Robyn Ludwick’s Official Site, Robyn Ludwick on Facebook, Buy Out Of These Blues


  1. sounds like a cross between carly simon and sheryl crow. i’ll be adding it to my collection for sure.

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