Road Trip!

IT IS OFFICIAL! Lucero will be opening for The Drive-By Truckers on Thanksgiving weekend at the Alabama Theater in Birmingham.

Yours truly will be there….seriously, I just read about this a few minutes ago and I had one of those moments…at first I did not trust it so I read it again….really slowly…then I slammed my hands on the table and raised both fists in the air and walked around the offce with both fists up and a smile on my face…yeah, one of those moments.

Lucero and DBT….INCONCEIVABLE! Ever seen Pee Wee Herman? Ever seen the Pee Wee dance? yup, I’m doin’ it…I’m doin’ it.

2 thoughts on “Road Trip!”

  1. Great visual of you doin’ the pee wee. I’M STOKED! ROAD TRP BITCHES! 🙂

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