R.I.P. The Weary Boys (or: all the good times have gone)

2007 has been one bitch of a year for bands I like. Drag the River calls it quits, Two Cow loseWeight Exercises their drummer, Isbell leaves DBT, Mario leaves The Weary Boys, and now this. It is with great sadness that I tell y’all that The Weary Boys have called it quits. I can not find any “official” announcement anywhere, but a ninebullets.net reader and friend of mine sent me an email asking about bands he could hire for his wedding and I mentioned The Wearys, so he emailed them. A few days later he got the following response:

Hey [name edited out by ninebullets.net],>> The offer is much apprecitated(sic) but The Weary Boys are> no longer playing. The band broke up in August. But> thanks anyway and good luck with your reception…>> Cary Ozanian>> —

Cary is…or rather was…the drummer. I immediately emailed the band for some form of “official” word, but true to form (they still have never really announced Mario’s departure) they have not replied. I’ll take the above reply and the fact that the web site has not seen an update since August as verification and say; Ain’t that a sumbitch. When Mario left the band I assumed the end was near, but then they came through town with the new banjo player/vocalist Matt Downing and I decided they were gonna be fine…maybe even better. I figured wrong. So today I am gonna offer up some tunes from a band that gave me some of the most enjoyable evenings I’ve had. They may not have ever been on time, but they were always a mutha of a good time.

Good Luck in your new endeavors you Weary Boys. This one goes out to y’all: Good Times

Here are a couple of tracks from each of their releases. IF you like what you hear they can be purchased here.

From their 2001 debut The Weary Boys

From their 2002 album The Weary Blues

From their 2003 album Good Times

From their 2004 gospel album Holy Ghost Power

From their 2006 album Jumpin’ Jolie

From their 2007 album Coalinga

7 thoughts on “R.I.P. The Weary Boys (or: all the good times have gone)”

  1. dammit. i’ve been so out of the loop lately i had no idea. glad i got them a handful of times. damn good band. hopefully all of them continue to make music, as all of them are super talented bastards.

  2. We are committed- die-hard Weary-Boys fans- what the F^&*! What do we have to do to make it happen again- we want you to come to NYC! We can make it happen for you here (if you want it).
    – Laura (heart-broken)

  3. i only saw them once, in Ginny’s little longhorn saloon in Austin, they were incredible and such nice guys also, wish them every success in their individual careers

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