America’s most famous moonshiner, Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton, died in his home yesterday. He was scheduled to report to prison this week to begin serving an 18 month sentence after authorities raided his stills and yielded more than 800 gallons of his “likker”. The death is being investigated as a suicide.

Tonight drink one for Popcorn and watch his documentary, How To Make Moonshine.

Bob Dylan – Moonshine Blues
American Gun – Moonshiner
Delta Moon – Clear Blue Flame
Jimmy Buffett – God’s Own Drunk

8 thoughts on “R.I.P.: POPCORN SUTTON”

  1. I never had the pleasure of meeting Popcorn Sutton, but he was a local legend in the area in which I live. His passing does feel like the end of an era, the last link to an almost vanished way of life. It’s sad that Sutton chose to end his life rather than report to prison, but it was his choice to make, just as he chose time and time again to return to making shine. He had plenty of run-ins over with law enforcement and the courts, and if he chose to he could have made a living legally, by essentially playing himself. But Popcorn wouldn’t do that. So, while I’m sad he’s gone, he made his choice to live the moonshiner’s life and has no one to blame except himself for the way the story ended.

  2. I live in these mountains. I think popcorn lived his life and survived the way he was taught by his father and his father’s father. I think there was alot of wisdom lost. How many people in this world wish that their father could , maybe give them the same?

  3. venerated moonshiner or a man too lazy for honest work? we cant choose which laws we will obey….Sutton,like many others,thought the law didnt apply to him. a true hero is a man who goes to work everyday and obeys the laws of the land…but sadly we tend to ignore the working man and make heroes out of people who never worked and paid the bills to operate this nation a day in their life.

    moonshiners aint no different than meth cookers…..aint a hero in the bunch.

  4. If we do not choose which laws to obey we are not free.
    To lump Sutton in with Meth cookers is ig’nunt and ill-informed. Marvin Sutton made a quality product and worked as hard at it as anyone does in their straight job. Probably harder. Ever try humpin’ endless 100lb bags of sugar up a mountainside? Should Sutton have joined the straight world and gotten a permit? Sure. Could have considering his prior record? No. No one said he was a hero. Sutton’d probably be the first to deny that. To say he’s no working man is absurd. I worked a cubicle for years. Does that make me more or less of a working man? Enjoy your straight world. You can have it. I’ll take all the freedom I can grab without infringing on yours. It ain’t illegal until you get caught.

  5. To Ricksaunders: Amen to that brother, Amen to that!! You damn straight when you said that other fella can have his straight world, when someone abides by everything this crooked GOVT tells you then you are a slave, hell if the Govt had it theyre way, you’d be paying 90% of your income for taxes and the other 10% for other taxes, IE: drivers lic., road taxes, etc, I wonder if that other fella would be so willing to live in his little slice of heaven world and OBEY all the Govt.’s tyrannical laws when theyre telling him what to eat, where to eat it, what to watch on tv and when to watch it, who to associate with and when he can, hmmm… dont think he would be so ‘law abidin’ then huh? Hey, to the law abidin fella, you just keep your eayes closed and keep suckin the govt. tit, eventually you will get your just rewards for being so obediant…

  6. sentence a man for trying to support himself in the back woods of Tennessee but the government can run guns to f—ing mexico and that`s okay. what a bunch of bullshit

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