NOTE FROM AUTOPSY IV: I originally posted this back in September of 2010. At the time the only way to get the album was off Old Crow Medicine Show’s website. Well, the album (deservedly) got an official wide release today so I thought I’d repost the original article…..and, a year later, I still can not recommend this album to you guys enough.

With Gill’s debut album The Ballad of Lucy Lawless Soirez, he cemented himself into my musical life. That album was everything I wanted for a soundtrack while cooking, drinking with friends, reading, or basically anything that’s chill and enjoyable. Gill’s one of those guys you might not have heard of but you’ve probably heard. While he’s put out a large amount of music with the New Orleans jug band The Kitchen Syncopators, you’re probably more likely to have heard his banjo and steel guitar chops with Old Crow Medicine Show.

That said, Gill solo is nothing like OCMS (a band I love). His solo material tends to take on a much more sophisticated and well-rounded sound, or viewers of the HBO series “Treme” might say it takes on a lot more of a New Orleans sound. I’m more engineer than music expert, so I prefer the “sophisticated” descriptor. HOWEVER, if I were to don my music expert hat (made of bedazzled construction paper), I’d say Gill’s music is a mixture of old country blues and jazz, with the songster sounds of the 30’s as garnish to Gill’s magnificent voice (lol…who’s been watching too much Top Chef?).

Regardless of how you wanna describe the sounds you hear on Piety & Desire, the only point we have to agree on is that it’s Essential Listening and an odds-on fave for our top of the year list.

Gill Landry – Annie
Gill Landry – Careless Love
Gill Landry – Big Jim’s Driveway

Gill Landry’s Official Site, Gill Landry on Facebook, Gill Landry on Spotify, Buy Piety & Desire


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