Remembering: Scatterbrain

From the Official Scatterbrain Myspace page:

Scatterbrain was a band that defied labeling. Rock? Hardcore? Metal? Thrash? Rap? Yeah, all that and more. Scatterbrain wrote, recorded, and toured from 1989 – 1994. For many, they were known for their minor hit, “Dont Call Me Dude,” which received regular rotation on MTV’s “Headbangers Ball,” and was a top-ten pop single in Australia. For others though, these guys were about much more than one song or video. Real Scatterbrain fans knew the band as tight, talented, diverse, funny, heavy, clever, and kick-ass.

“Don’t Call Me Dude” was my introduction to Scatterbrain. They started getting heavy rotation on the local rock station’s late night “heavy” show. They released three albums over the years, 1990’s Here Comes Trouble and 1991’s Scamboogery were recorded with the original lineup, and 1994’s Modus Intellectus was recorded sans Guitarist Glen Cummings. Though they were generally viewed as a gimmick band due to their humor and mixtures of style, it is unfair to question their talent. Songs such as Sonata #3 and Sonata #11 show that they had raw talent and probably could have gone a lot farther had they just gone the straight metal route. I guess what I am saying is, don’t go comparing these guys to Ugly Kid Joe. They were fun, and at the time I thought they were just plum awesome.

So what spurred this post? Admittedly, I had not thought about Scatterbrain in years, but a few weeks back I saw a post that they had reunited for a few shows in NYC. Now, I know they ain’t coming to Florida, but it did not stop me from reaching out to them and putting the bug in their ear, after which I fired up the trusty p2p and to my surprise found a few Scatterbrain tracks out there.


Scatterbrain – Don’t Call Me Dude
Scatterbrain – Taste’s Just Like Chicken
Scatterbrain – Logic
Scatterbrain – Sonata #3
Scatterbrain – Sonata #11

Remember Cheech and Chong’s Up In Smoke? Well, here is a cover of Earache My Eye:

Scatterbrain – Earache My Eye

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  1. Wow. Flashback. I used to get the giggles when I’d hear Don’t Call Me Dude. Another favorite was Down With The Ship with all of its samples from other cool songs.

    Bands like Scatterbrain make me miss Z-Rock. You just don’t hear stuff like that on commercial radio.

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