Remembering Roxx Gang:

One of the biggest surprises while looking up sleaze rock was the mention of Roxx Gang in the Wiki list of 80’s bands that fit the sleaze rock bill.

Roxx Gang was a local glam metal act that amassed a huge Tampa Bay area following in the late 80’s with the release of their cd “Things You’ve Never Done Before”. 98 Rock (local new rock station then and now) used to do this top 10 songs at 10pm Monday through Friday. Roxx Gang’s power ballad “Red Rose” sat on that countdown for 6 months if it was a day. Hell, it probably sat on there even longer than that. I had no idea they had garnered enough attention outside of the Tampa Bay radio market to even be remembered much less used as an example in a list these days.

Thanks to the continued airplay of Red Rose I purchased “Things You’ve Never Done Before” and it will always be remembered as the first local band’s album I ever bought. Don’t get me wrong now, it was a strong release. For the time, it was as good as any Poison, Warrant or whateverhairyouwannalist release out there. Like most hair albums of that time the disc hasn’t stood up to the test of time, but it is still good for a fun listen once a year or so. heh heh…I admit, I am bobbing my head to it as I type this.

The official word is the Roxx Gang is on “hiatus” rather than “broke up” since seemingly the only member of the band that was a constant is┬ásinger Kevin Steele. These days Steele fronts the band Mojo Gurus and they are always playing this little bar down the street from my house. I think I might go check them out one night thanks to all of this.

So, I raise this glass to Roxx Gang…your hair may have fallen with your star but I still remember you (accidental Skid Row pun there).

Roxx Gang – Red Rose
Roxx Gang – No easy Way Out
Roxx Gang – Ball `n’ Gun

Roxx Gang Official Site, Mojo Gurus Official Site

Kevin Steele’s current band, Mojo Gurus, will be playing The Ringside Cafe on Friday, March 2. Showtime is listed as 9:30. Here is a brief description of Mojo Gurus’ sound:

The Mojo Gurus CD is a rough and rowdy traipse through some true Suthin’ music. Every track sounds like it was borne screaming from the Bible Belt. This band is soulful….Hotter than a double dipped crawfish, rawer than steak tartar.” – JAM Magazine

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  1. I wasn’t sure this band had a life outside of an appearance on a video monthy entitled ‘Hard & Heavy’.’Scratch My Back’ is what sold me on finding their lp although the accompanying video made me want to cry-something about dragging an SG down the street by a chain is a bit unnerving.They had a home at Perris Records for the longest time…

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