Ready, Set…..GO!

Well, here it is….today is the first post of the rest of your blog and all of that good shit. For the past 2 weeks I have been trying to think of what super-extra-special-awesome post I was gonna make for the first post ever but now…as I sit here typing in WordPress as opposed to working I just can not be bothered and I think this post has already gone on longer than it should have.

So….here is….It will be an mp3 blog and hopefully it will have other (read: more talented) writers join the fray in the coming weeks. The name ninebullets comes from a song by The Drive-By Truckers….the greatest current rock and roll band in America. The song is Nine Bullets (duh)….and that’s it. Mad thanks to Trevor Bramble for helping me get this up and running…and by helping I mean he did it all while I complained.

Stay tuned.

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