Sometime last night and stretching into this morning the site has been under spam siege. I’ve probably deleted well over 100 messages that have slipped through our spam shields. Currently, to battle the erection/canadian pills/nude celebrity army I’ve turned off all comments for posts 60 days older. This has slowed everything to a trickle. If the erection/canadian pills/nude celebrity army figures this out and launches an all out attack on the past two months posts then changes to the comments system will have to be made immediately. So, as a reader, which would you rather deal with:

a) A captcha system that must be entered for every post.


b) Set it so folks have to register and be logged in to post comments.

Let me hear your thoughts.

37 thoughts on “READER INPUT REQUESTED:”

  1. Register & log in. That way I can just save it in my passwords and not deal with those damn captchas that I can’t read half the time.

  2. here in lies a problem…if you force people to register(people are inherently lazy) some may never come here or post again.
    I vote captcha
    also i see no problem with nudity

  3. I’m inherently lazy and would be less like to comment if I had to type in a word every time. Wow, that’s sad.

    Just wait Natalie, your day will come!

    And I’m not a dude, either.

    So can you work it where if you’re not registered you have to do a captcha? Best of both worlds!

  4. There are some other options. There is a plugin I am using called WP Captcha Free that cut the amount of spam caught by askimet (which I assume you are using) by over half by never letting it get posted in the first place. It’s invisible to the users and works well.

  5. Registering is better for me but bad for you I’d guess. Registering will cut down on visitor comments sadly. Maybe an Either/Or system is best that way folks who don’t want to register don’t have to and those of us that don’t mind won’t have to mess with those damn puzzles.

  6. I wonder if the anti-login folks would change their mind if we used OpenID. I guarantee every one of them is already set up with some service provider that does OpenID.

    Basically if we install the OpenID plug-in, you don’t need to create an account to use it if you already have an account with any of these organizations: AOL, BBC, Google, IBM, Microsoft, MySpace, Orange, PayPal, VeriSign, Yandex, Ustream and Yahoo! …and more.

  7. I think an either/or option would be best for everyone. If I were forced to choose I’d say (b) with the OpenID option.

  8. I vote for register alot of us that come here daily are gonna be the ones who register anyway..Can you install a captcha for only guest posters? I dont know if even possible.

  9. Captcha. Based on my past experience I will most likely never, ever comment again if I’m forced to login. I know I could save the login, but I use two computers and have lost all my saved login info in the past, so it’s likely that the next time I’d want to comment I’d have to retrieve the password, which honestly wouldn’t be worth it for me.

    OpenID would be ideal.

  10. You could always do register OR Captcha. If you register, no need to pass the captcha test. everyone else has to.

  11. I had the same problem on ATS a few months back. I had to turn on the captcha, but if I’m not mistaken if you are logged in you can bypass the captcha. Of course my site only takes Google IDs as far as I know.


  13. Either one. It takes like 3 seconds to enter captcha and maybe 10 seconds to have your password retrieved if you forget it.

    I saw Louis CK last summer and he went off about how people today are so spoiled by the ever-increasing speeds of technology that they can’t be bothered to wait more than 10 seconds for something, and how ludicrous that is. That, rather than be bothered by the occasional malfunction, we should constantly be in awe that we now have the ability to type to each other from opposite sides of the world and read it instantly.

  14. That OpenID thing sounds the best, and i don’t have a problem with captcha. Spammers need to get back to playing World of Warcraft and leave this site alone.

  15. both are mild pains in the arse, but something has to be done…those that come here and post with any regularity will do either presented to them…

  16. It won’t affect me either way, but I agree that requiring registration will probably drive down comments. The open ID thing sounds promising, and if you can choose either register or captcha, that’d be good, too.

  17. I use WP Captcha Free too, especially for the laziness factor, and it’s been working just fine. I must also give a vote to Open ID – people around here seem to love it.

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