Because Songs Matter

Random cd cover observation:

When I first saw the SAOSIN cover in Vinyl Fever I knew it looked familiar but I could not place where I had seen it before:


The Pitchfork posted a review of a cd by an artist named Josef K and I knew immediately where I recognized both it and the SAOSIN cover from:

They remind me of some X-Marks the Pedwalk albums I used to have:

Not exact matches but it was enough to remind me of X-Marks. I’ll bet I have not thought about or listened to those guys in 5 years. Wiki says they released a greatest hits in 1998. I think I might pick it up.

X-Marks the Pedwalk - Facer     


  1. Jessica Jessica
    December 29, 2006    

    have you heard Building a Better Spaceship yet?

  2. December 29, 2006    

    a black insect cover also used for Massive Attack – Mezzanine

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