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Radio Moscow

I have to thank Dan Auerbach(The Black Keys ),and if you are a fan of that bluesy garage rock sound currently being popularized by The Black Keys, then you need to thank him as well. Frontman Parker Griggs gave Dan a copy of the Radio Moscow demo after a Black Keys show in Colorado, and Dan liked it so much that he called Parker up and offered to produce their debut cd in his Akron, Ohio base me…..ERRRR…studio. Dan also took it a step further, leaning on former Black Keys home, Alive Records, to sign the band.

Over the years, there has been constant turnover in the band, and Radio Moscow is, for all extensive purposes, Parker Griggs. He is the guitarist/drummer/singer/songwriter on the debut cd. The current touring lineup is Parker on guitar and vocals, Keith Rich as drummer, and Zach Anderson on bass. Parker claims this is the most dedicated and tightest line-up to date.

The self-titled debut is 10 tracks of “garage punk filtered through the blues, with“. What does all that mean? I am not entirely sure but I like the way it reads. In my own words, I would have to say Radio Moscow’s debut cd is electric guitar fueled blues rock that can find a groove and ride it so hard it’ll scar your speakers. Think Wolfmother meets The Black Keys, and you’ll probably have the worst analogy in the history of music reviews, but I’m gonna use the fucker. For real though, this is a cd that forces you to stomp your feet and play air guitar from the second the opening bass solo of “Frustrating Sound”starts.

Radio Moscow will be bringing their monster sound and heavy grooves to The New World Brewery on April 20, thanks to the fine folks over at aespresents. Something tells me the guys will put on an early contender for show of the year. I’ll be there, beer buzz intact and you can bet your ass I’ll be wearing my foot stomping shoes.

Radio Moscow - Frustrating Sound     

Radio Moscow - Deep Blue Sea     

Radio Moscow - Whatever Happened     

Radio Moscow’s myspace site, Radio Moscow on Alive Records, Buy Radio Moscow’s debut cd


  1. Marcos Marcos
    April 10, 2007    

    Sensacional esse Radio Moscow!!!
    É rock & roll puro, sem besteira!

    Thank you

  2. pzri pzri
    September 21, 2007    

    just heard Frustrating Sound fer the ferst time today on z radio – zwas most excellent

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