Here it is boys and girls, the pre-order for one of my most anticipated albums of the year! Caleb has been a favorite of mine since I saw him perform with John Moreland a while back and I’m sincerely honored he’s letting us announce this pre-order. He’s releasing this on with the kids over at This Is American Music, 9B favorites of course, and they’ve already given us a sneak peak at the opening track:

If that isn’t enough to get you pining for a copy of this record then I am not sure what will! Well there’s this video for my favorite track on the album:

Seriously folks, I’ve heard this album, because I’m just cooler than you, and it’s more than worth your time. I hear tell Caleb will personally make out with you if you pre-order! (Or maybe it was Corey Flegel promising make out sessions, or I could be making that up.). So click the link and get this thing pre-ordered already.

Caleb is about to launch a tour supporting this release so make sure you check out the tour dates and don’t miss him if he’s in your area:

6/21 – Album release @ Gasa Gasa in New Orleans, LA

6/30 – The 5 Spot “in the round” w/ Aaron Lee Tasjan & John Moreland in Nashville, TN

7/1 – Sleepy Owl Brewery w/ Aaron Lee Tasjan & Steve Gilbert in Kingsport, TN

7/2 – The Green Room w/ Aaron Lee Tasjan in Athens, GA

7/3 – Slim’s w/ Aaron Lee Tasjan in Raleigh, NC

7/5 – House Show w/ Aaron Lee Tasjan email for info in Westminster, MD

7/6 – Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3 w/ Aaron Lee Tasjan in New York City, NY

7/8 – The Saint w/ Aaron Lee Tasjan in Asbury Park, NJ

7/9 – The Queen: World Cafe Live w/ Aaron Lee Tasjan in Wilmington, DE

7/10 – Club 603 w/Aaron Lee Tasjan in Baltimore, MD

7/11 – The Garage w/ Aaron Lee Tasjan & AMIGO in Winston-Salem, NC

7/12 – Tommy’s Pub w/ Aaron Lee Tasjan & Ross Adams in Charlotte, NC

7/13 – Red Door Tavern w/ Aaron Lee Tasjan in Coumbia, SC

7/14 – Georgia Theatre Rooftop w/ Aaron Lee Tasjan & Scott Low in Athens, GA

7/15 – Eddie’s Attic w/ Aaron Lee Tasjan in Atlanta, GA

7/25 – Molly’s w/Those Crosstown Rivals in Houston, TX

See more tour info on Caleb’s website
Stalk Caleb on Facebook
Stalk This Is American Music on Facebook

And a final word from Caleb himself…

There will be no making out!


  1. Yea I’m liking it as well – even more stoked to see that he’s coming to my area, with Aaron Lee Tasjan to boot! That’s gonna be a busy week Jamestown Revival on the 1st & this on the 3rd!!

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