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Man. This piece has been a long time coming. Not sure why it’s taken so long for me to getting around to mentioning these guys, but better late than never.

Coming out of Boone, North Carolina, Possum Jenkins is Nathan Turner, Jared Church, David Willis, Brent Buckner and David Brewer. The band met while at school and have released three albums to date, with Collection of Bad Habits being the most recent and only one I’ve heard. Sometimes sounding like a young Drive-By Truckers, while also sounding like a more rock and roll version of Mofro at other times, the album has a down-home richness to it that pulls me in and rarely disappoints throughout its 12 tracks.

On an interesting note, it seems like the bulk of Possum Jenkins’ 5 members are multi-instrumentalists rotating what they’re playing, both live and on Collection of Bad Habits. Not sure why, but I really like that. Anyhow, these guys don’t stray too far from their Carolina home so on CD seems like the only way the bulk of us are gonna catch these kids. So let me be the first to brand Collection of Bad Habits as Essential Listening and offer up an invitation to play the Tampa/St. Pete area of Florida.

Possum Jenkins - Bloodshot Eyes     

Possum Jenkins - We Begin     

Possum Jenkins - Reidsville     

Possum Jenkins’ Official Site, Possum Jenkins on myspace, Buy Collection of Bad Habits

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  1. joey joey
    July 19, 2010    

    these guys totally rock all three albums are essential listening

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