The last time I wrote about Possessed By Paul James I was relatively sure no one outside of my little Deep Blues circle had any idea who he was. Flash forward a couple of years and a stint on the last Revival Tour, and people on my alt.country/punk-folk circle have at least heard of him and a few lucky ones have seen him live.

Possessed By Paul James is one Mr. Konrad Wert, currently living in Texas but hailing from my home state of Florida. His past two albums, Possessed By Paul James and Cold and Blind, coupled with his live shows have garnered him a cult following as rabid as any, and one I am proud to call myself a part of. That said, the albums have also fallen into the “love ‘em or hate ‘em” category. It’s an issue I can relate to because for the longest time I loved Cold and Blind but found Possessed By Paul James utterly unlistenable. That was, until I managed to catch him live 2 times at the Deep Blues Festival 3 years ago.

Konrad is best understood if you’ve seen him live, that’s an undeniable fact, but it’s become less of a requirement with each album, and now with Feed The Family I think he’s managed to make an album accessible enough that the live show isn’t a requirement for those with a slightly more confined musical palate. Feed the Family captures everything that makes Possessed By Paul James great without spending too much time in that challenging area that requires knowing him live to be able to truly “get it”

So, what does that get you? For long time fans, the stomps, vocal quakes and yelps are still present. For the potential newly indoctrinated (slash Konard live virgins), said stomps, vocal quakes and yelps are mixed more into the background, with Konrad’s picking and passion out front for display. The results are a surprisingly restrained sound that manages to capture the immediate and passionate nature of Konrad’s music. I think with all that said, it’s clear that this is seriously some Essential Listening. If you’ve heard PBPJ before and didn’t like it, listen again ‘cause this is easily the best album he’s recorded to date, as well as a done deal for a slot on the 9B Top 10 of the 2k10.

Possessed By Paul James – Feed The Family
Possessed By Paul James – We Welcome You Home
Possessed By Paul James – Color Of My Bloody Nose

Possessed By Paul James’ official site, Possessed By Paul James on myspace, Buy Feed The Family


  1. Good review.

    Don’t have my copy yet, but really like these tracks, and “Color of My Bloody Nose” and “Feed the Family” were two of my favorite songs when I saw him preform a few weeks back.

  2. Good god, these are awesome. I’m going to live at his MySpace page until the album comes out. Excellent rec.

  3. Alright 9B, you did it again. Thank you for your time and kind words. An ear like yours should be respected in this community….and I believe it is!

  4. I’ll admit it right away: I haven’t read your review. I’m pretty excited about the new PPJ, but don’t want to have any expectations before I listen to it. I loved Cold & Blind and a year ago I finally could track down an Italian vinyl copy of the first album and I like that one at least as much. I bet the new one won’t disappoint. Konrad Wert is one of the more original guys out there I think.

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