Chris Porter brings his deep strong voice with emotional stories in his upcoming (due out early March) debut solo album This Red Mountain.

Porter has been working relentlessly on the content of this album for some time. The songs tell the stories of his real life and have meaning and conviction that the listener can truly feel. The title track This Red Mountain portrays the whole story so well. He was living in Birmingham and had a tough situation and moved to Austin with Miss Bonnie Whitmore; whose family took him in and helped him change his ways for the better and gave him a chance to master new musical challenges. While in Austin he began writing his perfect stories of life, love, dark times and redemption. He went into Ramble Creek Studio with his band and producer Will Johnson hoping to crank out an album that was free of cliché and within four days of live recording turned out something spectacular.

Porter stated that having Jon Dee Graham coming into the studio to play steel on Hardest Healing the last day of recording and hearing the playback of the first take was real validation that his record was going in the direction he’d been hoping for. Jon even illustrated the cover of the album and held Porter’s sanity together through the process of putting the album out with a label.

In Porter’s own words: “It’s not a happy record, it’s bleak, and it’s sad. The characters are flawed, the narrators are unreliable as fuck, and the relationships are complicated, but it was made by family. I’m one of the luckiest musicians on the planet.” I could not agree more, the images the songs paint are not beautifully tied up with ribbons, but they do tell beautiful stories in their own right.

Hardest Healin’

Album: This Red Mountain Artist: Porter
Produced by: Will Johnson
Featuring: Chris Masterson & Eleanor Whitmore (Steve Earle/The Matsersons)
Bonnie Whitmore ( Solo artist, bad ass bass player, vixen)
Falcon Valdez (The Happen-inns)
Jon Dee Graham (Texas music legend)
Recorded live in Austin, Texas by Britton Beisenherz
Featured Track: Hardest Healing