[PLAYLIST] Wolf Hits The Road

So as some of you may know, until now I’ve resided in Los Angeles. The City of Angels is great for baseball, drinks made by mixologists, and concerts that are more like big budget spectacles. As far as real music, though, few cities can be harder on a lesser known band. LA costs a lot of gas money and can have light houses, stingy venues, and expensive motels to top it off. And I haven’t been any happier to live in the city than some of my favorite bands have been to visit it.

So I decided a while back a change was needed. And today, Wednesday, I’m headed out to New Orleans: that bastion of exceptional music, stiff drinks, and humidity.

This road trip is taking me on a rather curious path: Las Vegas to Denver to Kansas City to Lexington, KY (where I will be attending SquallFest!!) to Nashville to Birmingham and then to my new front door in the Big Easy.

Why am I posting about this on ninebullets, you ask?! Well since I’ll be in my car for days on end, I’m gonna need something to listen to.

Below you’ll find a link to a Collaborative Spotify playlist that I’ve already begun for my journey to Southern salvation, aptly titled “We Gotta Get Out Of This Place”. Hop on in and add some tunes for me to listen to on the road!! When I get settled in to my new place I’ll curate the best tracks and provide a play by play of what songs were important when and put it up here!

So thanks, folks, and see you on the other side

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