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[Playlist] Ninebullets Radio – 12.07.2013 – 88.5FM WMNF Tampa

No sad bastards this week. So, locate a free 2 hours and put some earholes on the archive of the show.

Below is the playlist for December 07, 2013 [Artist – Song (Album)]

01. Drive-By Truckers – Let There Be Rock (Southern Rock Opera)
02. Alone At 3am – Four More Beers
03. The Gaslight Anthem – High Lonesome (The ’59 Sound)
04. Glossary – When We Were Wicked (Long Live All Of Us)
05. crow’s share – mighty stitch (Crow’s Share)
06. Possessed By Paul James – 38 Year Old Cocktail Waitress (There Will Be Night’s When I Am Lonely)
07. Hurray for the Riff Raff – I Know It’s Wrong (Small Town Heros)
08. I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House – A Good Day To Be A Husband (Menace)
09. JD Wilkes & The Dirt Daubers – Hidey Hole (Wild Moon)
10. Jams Leg – Drinking Too Much (Solitary Pleasures)
11. Carosels & Limousines – 17’s (Home To Andy’s)
12. Jake Bugg – All Your Reasons (Shangri-La)
13. The Decemberists – Rox In The Box (The King Is Dead)
14. The Great Unknowns – Dead River, Lake County (Homefront)
15. John Moreland – Gospel (In The Throes)
16. Flash Fiction – Murmurs of Morning (The Murmurs of Morning)
17. Left Lane Cruiser – Jukebox (Rock The Back To Hell)
18. Brothers of the Last Watch – Frank T. James (Brothers Of The Last Watch)
19. White Trash Blues Revival – Drives a Man to Drinking (Now Honey, Now Baby, Now Listen…)
20. Damion Suomi & The Minor Prophets – Pearls (Go, And Sell All Of Your Things)
21. The Heavy Horses – Copper & Gold (Murder Ballads and Other Love Songs)
22. Mat d. – Ford Marriage (Plank Road Drag)
23. The Takers – Social Smoker (Taker Easy)
24. Arliss Nancy – Nathaniel (Wild American Runners)
25. American Aquarium – Cape Fear River (Burn.Flicker.Die.)
26. Two Cow Garage – Skinny Legged Girl (Speaking In Cursive)
27. The Builders And The Butchers – Dirt In The Ground (Western Medicine)
28. Lucero – The Closer You Get (High Road)
29. Todd Farrell – Take it Slow (All My Heros Live In Vans)

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Episode 153: aired 12.07.2013

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