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Week 2 of Ninebullets Radio is in the books! We fixed the sound issues and knocked a little more rust off. So, if me playing songs for you while kvetching about my shitty love life sounds like a good way to spend to hours to you then give the latest show an ear.

Below is the playlist for October 26, 2016 [Artist – Song (Album)]

01. Lucero (band) – Can’t You Hear Them Howl (All A Man Should Do)
02. Backrow Baptists – Fourth Of July (Broken Hearts and Bad Decisions)
03. Backrow Baptists – Miles Away (Broken Hearts and Bad Decisions)
04. Backrow Baptists – By and By (Broken Hearts and Bad Decisions)
05. Robert Ellis – California (Robert Ellis)
06. Lissie – Stay  (My Wild West)
07. Joey Kneiser – Heaven Only Wants Us When We’re Dead (The Wildness)
08. Big Shoals – Union Son (Hard Lessons)
09. Matt Woods – Name To Drop (How To Survive)
10. Becky Warren – She’s Always There (War Surplus)
11. Mary Bragg – Lucky Strike (Lucky Strike)
12. Frazey Ford – Done (Indian Ocean)
13. Elle King – Under The Influence (Love Stuff)
14. Have Gun, Will Travel – True Believers (Science From an Easy Chair)
15. Chuck Ragan – Landsick (The Flame In The Flood)
16. The White Buffalo – Dark Days (Love and The Depth of Damnation)
17. Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard – Django & Jimmie (Django & Jimmie)
18. Whitey Morgan and the 78’s – That’s How I Got To Memphis (Sonic Ranch)
19. Austin Lucas – Unbroken Hearts (Between The Moon and The Midwest)
20. Drive-By Truckers – Surrender Under Protest (American Band)
21. Margo Price – Hurtin’ (On The Bottle) (Midwest Farmer’s Daughter)
22. McDougall – Moving Mountains (Reachin’ For Some Light)
23. Two Cow Garage – This Little Light (Brand New Flag)
24. Bill Eberle – Too Late To Take It Back (Matter and Time)
25. Jon Latham – Major Key (Real Bad News)
26. .357 String Band – The Days Engrave (Lightning From The North)
27. Joe Pug – Veteran Fighter (Windfall)
28. William Elliott Whitmore – Old Devils (Animals In The Dark)
29. The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit – Wilford Brimley (The Ghost Of Good Manners)

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Episode 194: aired 10.26.2016

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