[Playlist] Ninebullets Radio – 07.19.2014 – 88.5FM WMNF Tampa

This show was a lot of fun to make. Lots of live music in it. So put your earholes on the archive of the show.

Below is the playlist for July 19, 2014 [Artist – Song (Album)]

01. Chris Watts Band – Cenla (Cenla)
02. The Hummingbirds – Live In Studio
03. Nikki Lane – Right Time (All Or Nothin’)
04. Rebekah Pulley & the Reluctant Prophets – A Lot of Nothing (Songs of Southern Zen)
05. Will Quinlan – This Theiving Life (Navasota)
06. Devon Stuart (Takers/Snakehealers) Live In Studio
07. Snakehealers – Roadside (Cure All)
08. Big Shoals – 12 Steps (Still Go On)
09. Have Gun Will Travel – To The Victor Go The Spoils (Mergers & Acquisitions)
10. Big Shoals Live In Studio
11. Matt Woods – Real Hard Times (With Love From Brushy Mountain)
12. Curtis Eller – Old Time Religion (How To Make It In Hollywood)
13. Frank Turner – The Road (Last Minutes & Lost Evenings)
14. Big Shoals Live In Studio
15. Sturgill Simpson – Life of Sin (Metamodern Sounds In Country Music)
16. Old Crow Medicine Show – Mean Enough World (Remedy)
17. Caleb Caudle – Countdown (Paint Another Layer On My Heart)
18. Devon Stuart (Takers/Snakehealers) Live In Studio
19. Justin Townes Earle – White Gardenias (Single Mothers)
20. Andrew Combs – Month Of Bad Habits
21. Willie Nelson – The Git Go (feat. Jamey Johnson) (Band Of Brothers)
22. Lance Howell Live In Studio
23. Arlo McKinley & The Lonesome Sound – Time In Bars (Self-Titled)
24. “Weird Al” Yankovic – Word Crimes (Mandatory Fun)

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Episode 185: aired 07.19.2014