Another show full of americana-y goodness. This show opens with a frantic tune off Possessed By Paul James‘ latest album and doesn’t relax until we get to the new Two Cow Garage song in the middle of the show. I also managed to slip in new songs from Chris Knight, Mic Harrison and The High Score, Truckstop Darlin’, J. Kutchma and a new local(ish) obsession, The Woolly Bushmen. If all of this sounds like something you’d be willing to invest an hour into then put some ears on the archived stream of the show and thanks for tuning in.

I do wanna mention that next week’s show is a pledge drive show so we’ll be pitching next Thursday night. My show’s goal is 1200 dollars. So, if you think this kind of music and these bands have a place on the radio then maybe you could drop a 10 spot in the show’s Tip Jar.

Below is the playlist for July 05, 2012 [Artist – Song – Album]

01. Possessed by Paul James – Four Men From The Row – Feed The Family
02. The Woolly Bushmen – Promise You Won’t Leave – The Woolly Bushmen
03. J Kutchma & The Five Fifths – I’ll Survive – Pastorals
04. The Bohannons – Goodbye Bill – Unaka Rising
05. Fifth on the Floor – Missin’ the Mornin’ – Dark and Bloody Ground
06. John Moreland & The Dust Bowl Souls – Holy Ghost Haunted – Everything The Hard Way
07. Mic Harrison and the High Score – Colonel is Dead – Still Wanna Fight
08. Two Cow Garage – In Pacific Time – Upcoming Album
09. 4H Royalty – Virtues, Spices & Liquors – Where UFO’s Go To Die
10. Chris Knight – In The Meantime – Little Victories
11.Truckstop Darlin’ – Southern Ghosts – Hope & The Heart It Breaks
12. The Sparklers – Gunfire and Confetti – Crying At The Low Bar
13. Alone At 3AM – Another Round – Midwest Mess
14. William Elliott Whitmore – Lift My Jug (Song For Hub Cale) – Ashes To Dust
15. The Kinks – I’m Not Like Everybody Else

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Episode 79: aired 07.05.2012