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Back up in the cut with all sorts of new shit this week. New Lucero. New Gaslight Anthem. New Old Crow Medicine Show. New Sturgill Simpson. Old Whitey Morgan and The 78’s. So what the fuck are you waiting on? Carve out two hours and drop your earholes on the archive of the show.

Below is the playlist for June 28, 2014 [Artist – Song (Album)]

01. Steeldrivers – Drinkin’ Dark Whiskey (The Steeldrivers)
02. Lucero – Tears Don’t Matter Much (Live In Atlanta)
03. The Gaslight Anthem – Rollin’ & Tumblin’ (Get Hurt)
04. The Underhill Family Orchestra – The Great Wausau Bank Robbery (Stories Of Appalachia Proper)
05. Seth Walker – 2′ Left to the Ceiling (Seth Walker)
06. Kathleen Edwards – I Make the Dough, You Get the Glory (Asking For Flowers)
07. Arlo McKinely & The Lonesome Sound – Dark Side Of The Street (self-titled)
08. Nikki Lane – Wild One (All or Nothin’)
09. Big Shoals – 12 Steps (Still Go On)
10. Nato Coles & the Blue Diamond Band – Hard To Hear The Truth (Promises To Deliver)
11. First Aid Kit – My Silver Lining (Stay Gold)
12. Matt Woods – Lucero Song (With Love From Brushy Mountain)
13. Drive-By Truckers – Zip City (Southern Rock Opera)
14. Todd Farrell – Pawnshops (All My Heroes Live In Vans)
15. Chuck Ragan – Non-Typical (Till Midnight)
16. Old Crow Medicine Show – Doc’s Day (Remedy)
17. Kasey Anderson – I Was A Photograph (Blake’s Song) (Nowhere Nights)
18. Jason Isbell – Dress Blues (Live From Alabama)
19. Cale Caudle – Countdown (Paint Another Layer On My Heart)
20. Frank Turner – The Road (Last Minutes & Lost Evenings)
21. Lydia Loveless – Head (Somewhere Else)
22. Hurray For The Riff Raff – The Body Electric (Small Town Heroes)
23. Doc Feldman & the LD50 – Cold Tile Floor (Sundowning The Station)
24. Sturgill Simpson – The Promise (Metamodern Sounds In Country Music)
25. Ben Knight and The Welldiggers – Hammerdropper (The Divining Rod)
26. Whitey Morgan and the 78s – I Ain’t Drunk (self-titled)
27. Hellbound Glory – Streets of Aberdeen (LV)

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Episode 182: aired 06.28.2014

2 thoughts on “[Playlist] Ninebullets Radio – 06.28.2014 – 88.5FM WMNF Tampa”

  1. Thanks for this! About to help me through this morning lol…..

    PS – I’ve recently stumbled across two other new albums haven’t seen mentioned on hear yet I don’t think:

    Chris Mills – Alexandria (a good bit different from his older albums, but still great imo)

    Adam Carroll – Let it Choose You (I know neither of these are exactly 9B music but they don’t really fit in anywhere else either! – favorites off of this so far are Bernadine, Rough Side & Good Behavior)

    Also, it has been a good music week in NC, saw Jamestown Revival the night before last, and tonight is Aaron Lee Tasjan / Caleb Caudle – really stoked to see both of them for the first time!

    Just wanted to give yall a heads up – have a good weekend / 4th of July and thanks so much for everyone’s contributions on here it is still very much appreciated!!

    1. That Chris Mills album is amazing and I’ve been trying to guilt myself or other staffers to write about it for a while. Hopefully, one’s coming soon.

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