This week I went out to the new release tree and gave it a shake to see what might fall out. The result was a sonic Thanksgiving feast. Matter a fact, I got so many new tracks I wasn’t able to get to them all this week which means next week will basically be an all new release show too. This show features brand new tracks from; Chris Knight, Old Crow Medicine Show, Left Lane Cruiser & James Leg, The Bohannons, Magnolia Mountain, Kasey Anderson and former .357 String Band member, Joseph Huber…Ninebullets Radio: Next month’s Americana radio programming, tonight.

If all of this sounds like something you’d be willing to invest an hour into then put some ears on the archived stream of the show and thanks for tuning in.

Below is the playlist for June 21, 2012 [Artist – Song – Album]

01. Todd Farrell – Nine Bullets (shortened)
02. Earl Dibbles Jr. – The Country Boy Song
03. Lucero – Hate and Jealousy – That Much Further West
04. The Bohannons – River Above – Unaka Rising
05. Big Kettle Drum – Bad Girl – Big Kettle Drum
06. Left Lane Cruiser & James Leg – Shake It – Painkillers
07. Chris Knight – In The Meantime – Little Victories
08. Kasey Anderson – Some Depression – Upcoming Album
09. Andrew Combs – Big Bad Love – Upcoming Album
10. Old Crow Medicine Show – Bootlegger’s Boy – Carry Me Back
11. Joseph Huber – Fell Off the Wagon – Tongues Of Fire
12. Magnolia Mountain – The Old Ways – Town and Country
13. The Sparklers – Gingham – Crying At The Low Bar
14. Micah Schnabel – American Static – When The Stage Lights Go Dim
15. Red Fang – Prehistoric Dog – Red Fang

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Episode 77: aired 06.21.2012