Last night was the 75th episode of Ninebullets Radio! Pretty cool. I just wish I’d noticed it last night. Oh well. It’s still pretty neat and hopefully there will be 75 more and maybe some of those will be 2 hours long.

I may not have realized/remembered that it was the 75th week of Ninebullets Radio but the track listing still ended up being something special. Some shows are better than others and I truly feel like last night’s was one of the best I’ve done in a while. It had a little of everything; country, punk blues, rock, men singers, women singers, local and national bands. Not sure how it came out so well but I’m glad it did so make sure you put some ears on the archived stream of the show and thanks for tuning in.

Below is the playlist for June 07, 2012

01. McDougall – 18 Days Of Rain
02. Todd Farrell – Take It Slow
03. Truckstop Darlin’ – Sad Sweet Songs
04. Greenland Is Melting – Always
05. Nook & Cranny – Woke Up In Love
06. First Aid Kit – Emmylou
07. Jason Eady – AM Country Heaven
08. Marley’s Ghost – Hank And Audrey
09. Shooter Jennings – The Long Road Ahead
10. River Giant – I Permute This Marriage
11. Langhorne Slim & The Law – The Way We Move
12. Brothers Of The Last Watch – The Wind
13. American Aquarium – Good Fight
14. Two Cow Garage – Sweet Saint Me
15. Those Crosstown Rivals – Bad Nasty

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Episode 75: aired 06.07.2012

7 thoughts on “PLAYLIST: NINEBULLETS RADIO 06.07.2012”

  1. Dig this playlist. Saw Langhorne Slim at a five in Orlando a year ago with Matrimony. Brilliant F-ing brilliant

    1. Thanks, Mike, that really means a lot. Thanks for listening to the best radio show in the country!

  2. Nice work for including Those Crosstown Rivals. They’re from my hometown of Lexington, KY and just finished a tour with my good buddies in Infected. Oddly enough, I got to see both bands play a show w/ Two Cow Garage (who is the track prior to TCR on this month’s playlist…spooky) when I was back east visiting inLexington about two months ago. “Kentucky Gentlemen” is a solid record, one you all should think about reviewing.

  3. We were working late last night and your show spread like wildfire as people asked what I was listening to. For sure one the best shows you have done.

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