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[Playlist] Ninebullets Radio – 06.01.2013 – 88.5FM WMNF Tampa

Bran new/Unreleased music from Brothers of the Last Watch, Builders and The Butchers, Bonnie Whitmore, Jason Isbell, Amanda Shires, Travis Labrel, Drag The River and Kent Goolsby.

What more needs to be said? Tune into the archive of the show.

Below is the playlist for July 01, 2013 [Artist – Song (Album)]

01. Todd Farrell – Nine Bullets Theme
02. Laura Love – Mahbootay (Shum Ticky)
03. Black Oak Arkansas – Hot and Nasty (Black Oak Arkansas)
04. Scott H. Biram – Blood, Sweat & Murder (Dirty Old One Man Band)
05. Brothers of the Last Watch – The Day They Come Knocking (Brothers of the Last Watch)
06. Left Lane Cruiser – Amy’s In The Kitchen (Bring Yo’ Ass To The Table)
07. The Builders and the Butchers – Dirt in the Ground (Western Medicine)
08. Bonnie Whitmore – Too Much Too Soon (There I Go Again)
09. Damion Suomi – Ghost (Damion Suomi)
10. Northcote – Burn Right Past Them All (Northcote)
11. Jason Isbell – Live Oak (Southeastern)
12. Grayson Capps – Harley Davidson (Stavin’ Chain)
13. Brock Zeman/ Dan Walsh – Blood On the Hardwood Floor (The Bourbon Sessions)
14. Hiss Golden Messenger – Red Rose Nantahala (Haw)
15. The David Mayfield Parade – Another Year (Good Man Down)
16. Jake Bugg – Seen It All (Jake Bugg)
17. Travis LaBrel – Last Day On Earth (upcoming EP)
18. John Moreland & The Dust Bowl Souls – Low (Everything The Hard Way)
19. Fifth On The Floor – January In Louisiana (Angels & Ashes)
20. Kent Goolsby – Losers Sweepstakes (Trophies OF Youth)
21. Micah Schnabel – Cut Me, Mick (When The Stage Lights Dim)
22. The Waifs – Vermillion (Sun, Dirt, Water)
23. Holly Williams – Waiting On June (The Highway)
24. Amanda Shires – Devastate (Down Fell The Doves)
25. Gill Landry – Mexico (The Ballad Of Lawless Soirez)
26. Drag The River- Losers (Upcoming Album)
27. Lucero – Texas & Tennessee (Texas & Tennessee EP)
28. JJ Grey & Mofro – The Sun Is Shining Down (Country Ghetto)
29. The Cult – King Contrary Man (Electric)

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Episode 126: aired 06.01.2013


  1. Horace Collier Horace Collier
    June 4, 2013    

    I dunno if that DTR song is all that better as a full-band than it was on the 2010 Demons record. Not a very interesting arrangement. Still think the new record will be incredible though.

  2. Phineas Phineas
    June 6, 2013    

    Nice episode as always! Always love the Schnabel, same with Grayson Capps, looking forward to seeing what this Jake Bugg character does in the future as well. Glad to hear Hiss Golden Messenger on here! I’d love to hear something off the new(er) album (Drummer Down maybe? too many good songs to pick)

    Went to an awesome outdoor J Kutchma show last night…..he did a great speech about how he lost touch with music (as far as playing / writing) in his “younger days” but continued going to shows / buying albums / etc & eventually ended up getting back into it (which to date, seems to have been working pretty well….).

    It was quite inspiring for those in the crowd like myself that use to play / write and would like to get back into it…..he also mentioned that he was about to release two new albums fyi

  3. Nick Nick
    June 8, 2013    

    July 1, 2013, eh?
    Have we mastered time travel?

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