The traffic was back to normal last night and the show went off without a hitch. It’s chock full of new music from the likes of McDougall, The Grand Tetons, The Parlor Soldiers, Lucero and Arliss Nancy. I also played a fantastic track off the new Counting Crows album that’s a cover of Kasey Anderson’s “Like Teenage Gravity” which is immediately followed by a track off Kasey’s upcoming album. Sound good? I thought so, so put your ears on the archived stream of the show.

Also, next week’s show is the marathon show. Ninebullets Radio has 60 minutes to raise $1600 dollars. We’ve never missed a marathon goal which is something I think is a source of pride for both, the show and it’s listeners. If you enjoy the show or just enjoy the idea that there is a show out there playing these artists then please, drop a donation in Ninebullets Radio’s Tip Jar.

Below is the playlist for April 05, 2012

01. Todd Farrell – Ninebullets Radio Intro
02. Drive-By Truckers – The Righteous Path
03. Grand Tetons – Because I Bloody Well Stammer
04. Arliss Nancy – The Crease
05. Counting Crows – Like Teenage Gravity
06. Kasey Anderson – Some Depression
07. Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires – Righteous, Ragged Songs
08. Steve Von Till – A Grave Is A Grim Horse
09. Hellbound Glory – Better Hope You Die Young
10. The Parlor Soldiers – When The Dust Settles
11. Alabama – The Cheap Seats
12. McDougall – Gates Of Victory
13. The Decemberists – E. Watson
14. Lucero – When I Was Young

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Episode 66: aired 04.05.2012

2 thoughts on “PLAYLIST: NINEBULLETS RADIO 04.05.2012”

  1. that arliss nancy song is so freakin good! i really need to get that CD.

  2. DAMN MY POOR PLANNING…………….just went to get tickets for Alabama Shakes and Lee Bains tonight at the Cats Cradle and it’s fucking sold out. Guess I’m gonna have to go to one of the other 4 awesome shows going on tonight. Nice to live in an area with a good music scene wouldn’t trade it for the world. Probably gonna catch the Eno Mountain Boys – I’ve tried emailing Autopsy IV about them, and highly suggest any of yall to look’em up, I think they’d make a good addition to the Ninebullets repertoire

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