How does brand new Tim Barry, Shooter Jennings, Joe Pug, Justin Townes Earle, McDougall, Todd Snider and Lucero sound to you? If that sounds like an hours worth of music you wanna hear the last night’s episode of Ninebullets Radio is here to cater to your sonic needs. So check it out the archived stream of the show.

Line of the night comes from Tim Barry’s new song, “Music should sound like escape not rent.”

Below is the playlist for March 15, 2012

01. McDougall – Ready, Begin
02. Tim Barry – 40 MileR
03. Poor Man’s Poison – Jump That Train
04. Have Gun Will Travel – Ol’ Death Rattle
05. Joe Pug – Hymn #76
06. Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires – Roebuck Parkway
07. Glossary – Shaking Like a Flame
08. Grand Tetons – Quiet, All Of You, They’re Approaching the Tyrannosaur Paddock
09. Todd Snider – In Between Jobs
10. Justin Townes Earle – Memphis in the rain
11. Shooter Jennings – The Real Me
12. American Anodyne – The Anniversary
13. Amanda Shires – Detriot or Buffalo
14. Lucero – It May Be Too Late
15. The Parlor Soldiers – Lawless
16. Cam Penner – No Consequences

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Episode 63: aired 03.15.2012

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