We all have those days where we wake up a little on the wrong side of the bed and walk around with the storm cloud over your head all day. No bigs. You go to the office, put on some music and bury your head in your work.

Then there are worse days. Those days where you need intervention. For those days I keep a heady stash of Ice Cube, Pantera and Slayer on tap. Up goes the volume and out blasts the anger. Couple of hours of that and you’re good.

But then. Then there are days like today. Days where you’re so acidic and foul that your usual tips and tricks don’t work. Those days where you need a polite way to say, “Look. It isn’t personal but if you don’t shut the fuck up and leave me alone I am gonna crush your esophagus and then rape your household pet just to prove a point.”

For myself, today is one such day. And on those days I need a different kind of fix. More of a sonic assault and I thought I might share some of what has been coming out of my speakers with ya’ll this afternoon. This isn’t the typical fare for 9b but then, today is a slightly atypical day.

Biopsy – Indifference

Swamp Terrorists – Wreck
Swamp Terrorists – Doubting Idol
Swamp Terrorists – Get O.

4 thoughts on “PLAYLIST `A LA ANGRY:”

  1. god DAMN. I can’t even imagine the kind of day you must have had. I tend to enjoy stuff like this, I’ll even go so far as bands like converge, or botch, but wow. I hope things get better.

  2. I agree. Some days definitely require some rage music. I seem to be having more and more of those kind of days. Thanks for giving me something to rock out to in my head while I stare at my cubicle wall. Although, these songs kind of make me want to go Office Space on this place and bust out of here!

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